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Delivering Baby B Breech

I am 32 weeks with twin boys and baby A is head down and in position while baby B is breech. I know there is still time for baby B to turn, fingers crossed, but I was wondering if any of you delivered baby B breech. My OB feels that it is perfectly safe and that she can do it because baby B has been consistently smaller than baby A. Anyone have the same experience? What was your out come? Would you make the same decision again? Thanks so much!
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Re: Delivering Baby B Breech

  • My outcome was delivering baby A vaginally without an epidural, and delivering baby B via c-section because he was straddling my cervix and wouldn't descend. Recovery was tough but I'd do it again the same way because having a vaginal delivery was that important to me.
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  • Glad to hear you wouldn't change anything. It's reassuring.
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  • My cousin had A breech and B by Csec. they were initially both down, but a flipped b during delivery. she was miserable and wished she had just done a c-section.
    I had triplets so def a c. It was my 2nd.
    DD was breech so I did a c 16 mo prior to the triplets too. I wouldn't change anything. C sections are fabulous!
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  • My baby b was vaginally born Breech! Both girls were head down and in position but after a came out b flipped.... It was def. more painful(I had decided to do no pain meds) BUT I wouldn't change a thing! Babies were healthy and I didn't have to much trouble healing!
  • For my first set, baby  A was head down and I delivered him without the epidural. Twin B was transverse and got stuck, the dr reached n and pulled him out by the feet...luckily the epidural had kicked in by then! I wouldn;t have it any other way! 
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  • I know at my hospital they have you sign permission for a breech extraction of baby B. They do them somewhat often and its normal practice for them.
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  • Just gave birth to my twins on Thursday. Baby A was head down for quite a while, and Baby B was transverse the entire pregnancy. I had to deliver in the OR, but they were able to deliver baby b breech. It is not something I'd like to relive again anytime soon, but I made it and so did she. She was not interested in coming out, so there were some challenges. She did get a bit stuck, but they were able to get her out. If only my epidural had actually worked as well as they said it would....
  • Update!!! I delivered my boys on August 3rd. Baby A was delivered head first vaginally and baby B was transverse and the OB was able to get him out footling breech. My delivery was beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for the input ladies!
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    Fraternal twin boys born 1/12/12 at 36 weeks
    Identical twin girls expected in March! 
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