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Hello everyone, I used to be on this app last year before we mc and decided to join again now as we just lost one at 12 weeks. I had a few questions and will do my best to be short and sweet. Also I want to wish you all luck with your journey!

My first question is how long did it take for your levels to drop after mc?

After mc I tracked ovulation as we are coming up on week 5 after loss and was ovulating last week and still no sign of my first AF. Has anyone had this happen??

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  • Hi, first off sorry for your loss.  Second, I'm not sure how long it took my levels to drop because my doctor didn't track that.  It took exactly 6wks from the day of my D&C to get my first AF.  Also if you ovulated last week the Luteal Phase is on average between 12-16 days so it would be 12-16 days since you ovulated that you would get AF.
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  • With our last loss it took about 2 months for my levels to drop, but I had retained tissue and that's not the norm. I just had my D&E yesterday and am hoping it's faster this time. If you ovulated a week ago you can probably expect AF in another week, as the LP is usually approximately 2 weeks long, give or take. So sorry for your loss.
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  • Thanks guys! I am just trying to figure all the timing and all out. I know I need to wait for AF but all I've been getting lately is naseous and slight pain on my right side. I was never sick when pregnant either time and have never experienced pain before. The dr looked at everything and my body naturally got it all so no procedures necessary. Just a little confused. Thank you both for helping out!! :)
  • I am so very sorry for your loss. I apologize, I'm late answering but hoping I can help anyway.

    1.) Pre-op for my D&C I was at 10,000 at 9w2d. My family doc says levels should drop by 1/2 for each day after the m/c is complete or D&C. My beta 2 days later showed a "75% drop", while not an exact number, it was on schedule. By my doc's math, I should've gotten my 1st negative HPT on CD10, but in reality it didn't happen until CD12. By CD16, my beta should've been 0. It was 8 instead, so about 5 days behind. I was told it's all in your metabolism how fast you drop barring retained tissue. I was very sedentary for the first 2 weeks due to anemia, then this past week due to SI Joint dysfunction.

    2.) The other ladies are right, your luteal phase should be pretty unchanged, if it was only a week long before you conceived last time, that is something you definitely should talk to your doctor about (luteal phase defect). Otherwise AF should be along in 10-17 days from your ovulation. By the way, congratulations on ovulating! (I'm a little jealous because I'm not there yet.)
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