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red spots!!!!! help!

hi my 11month old started with a fever for three days without a cough or a runny nose. on day three after the fever I saw red spots and now day 6 he has them on his back, tummy, forehead, in the back of his ears it seems it's spreadind to his entire body. I took him to his doctor and he doesn't know what it is. but it's certainly not chicken pox or measles. I was out of the country for a week and the weather was 90 degrees and came home to cloudy/ chilly weather. what can I do? should I be worried?

Re: red spots!!!!! help!

  • I've never commented on here but saw this and wanted to ease your worry. Both my sons have had that, my doctor called it baby measles. It's pretty common and will go away on its own. It usually happens exactly like that with the 3 days of high temp and then the rash follows for a few days.
  • I believe it's called roseola if you want to check it out.
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  • @jennT22; thank u sooo much for the info u just have me. someone mentirones that to me but the doctors i was taking him to weren't sure if it was roseola. I searched and every symptom it's what he had.
  • No problem. I know how scary that can be. Hope your little mans feeling better.
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