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We are having a horrible time right now

We are in debt and are having to move in with my parents. We are trying to get some government assistance so we can better be able handle paying for healthcare and food. Good thing we kept the costly healthcare coverage until our government stuff went through because my daughter got sick with first a virus, which later became an ear infection so we had to get her on Amoxicillin. Then Mommy and Daddy caught her Virus. Now today she's acting kind of not nice (not sure how to put it). Is 7 months usually the time when they understand the word no, but still don't listen? Ugh! Seems to get worse by the minute! Last night I talked to my mom and broke down in tears and had to pass the phone to my husband because mom kept saying how my husband has to ask my dad certain things. I'm dreading this because when my husband and I lived there when we first moved back here, my dad used to yell at me about a lot of things when my husband wasn't around. We had no kids back then though, so the yelling at me might be in abundance. 

Re: We are having a horrible time right now

  • I'm really sorry you're going through a rough time :( I have no wise words of wisdom except this too shall pass. Your baby is fortunate to have a mommy who's willing to make sacrifices to have a safe place to live, even if it means you'll be uncomfortable. Hang in there, you're not alone!
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