TTC After a Loss

Betas are back

I'm down to 8, which is not quite clear, but the nurse said low enough to have ovulated 3 days ago! Plus our intercourse schedule before I slipped my SI joint looks really, really good! 1 more draw in a week, which would be 10DPO... I'm kinda hoping for a rise.

I did clarify with her that low HCG levels would not interfere with ovulation, and having had a couple -HPTs is good. She stated that retained tissue HCG either stagnates or falls slowly but never rises, so any rise beyond this is a new pregnancy :)

This was all following a loss at 9w2d and last healthy on-track measurement with HB was 8w3d. It's just so amazing how quickly the body rebounds sometimes, yeah? I was really worried about retained tissue like back in 2003 and that sucked so bad :( Thrilled that wasn't the case here.

Re: Betas are back

  • @lizzie5831 I'm happy you are back on track! I was also extremely worried about having retained tissue, still bleeding 3 weeks after miscarriage. My beta came back at 2 and it made me do a happy dance. Ready to get back to normal already and start trying again. Good luck, fingers crossed!
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