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Intro to Solids

Apologies if this has already been posted, I checked a few pages and didn't see it.

My almost 7 months old just started solids a couple weeks ago. He was completely formula fed up until that point. We chose not to give him solids until 6 months due to him being 7 weeks premature. He has an 8 oz. bottle every 3 or 4 hours and a 6 oz. one twice a day with his baby food. He can only sit up a very short period of time, but can grasp and pick up things quite well.

Right now, we give him the Gerber fruits and veggies, which he loves, but we want to introduce him to REAL food. He opens for the spoon and seems to swallow most of it, but when is it OK to start giving him things like Cheerios or puffs? What kind of signs do I look for to see if he's ready?

I also want to start giving him real bananas and other fruits sooner than later. 

Am I rushing?


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    pchungpchung member
    My LO just started Gerber puffs this Sunday.  We decided to introduce puff because we noticed her using her pinchers (index and thumbs) to pick things up.  I put four on her tray and then picked one up and ate it in front of her.  My LO laughed and then did the same.  The rest is history.  El Husbee and I are so happy as she now has something to occupy her while we eat.  Last night she discovered the doggy will eat puffs too. 

    I started out with Gerber stage 2 foods at around 61/2 months.  We did not start cereal until 6 months.  I would bring out 2 oz of vegetables and 2oz of fruit and feed until she stopped opening her mouth.  Sometimes she eats it all sometimes she does not.  I do not force her to eat when she does not open her mouth.  I go by food before age one is just for fun.  I have always cut up bananas for her tray.  She never really ate any of the food on her tray until this past weekend.  My LO turns 8 months Thursday.  I am slowly trying to move to BLW (baby lead weaning) where you give they food and they feed themselves. 

    I just let LO dictate when she is ready.  I don't think you are rushing.  Just offer and if your little one is not ready just try again in a couple of days.  Each child is different and on their own schedule. 
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    Give it a try.
    Mine is always grabbing at my handa when I eat something so i just tear off a little piece (like a tip if a pinky) and put it in her mouth and she gnaws on it. Cooked carrots, bananas, bread, cheese, whatever. She can hold a piece of graham cracker and gum on it till it's soft enough to swallow.
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    It takes them a couple weeks to understand how to "chew" or gum things. I would start with purees and give it a few weeks before starting more solid foods. Your LO might gag a lot but that's normal. It's important your LO can sit unassisted though.
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    We started DD on purees & baby oatmeal at 6mos. We started giving her more solid foods gradually when she stopped gagging on purees. At first she would just suck and gum on things like fruit slices, but after she got a couple more teeth she figured out biting and chewing. She is 9mo now and just started eating mostly table food. She seems to be sick of eating purees, she often will only eat a puree if I give her something solid to eat along with it. She picks up food but she isn't good at putting it in her mouth yet. Things that are easy for her to eat on her own are large crackers like Little Yums & toast.
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