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Someone, somewhere must have advice...

Don't judge me but during the long, exhausting 3 week long 4 month sleep regression we unintentionally started bedsharing (something I said I'd never do). Prior to this he was amazingly sttn and ebf! At first bedsharing was wonderful but a month into it started to not be so great. Now, no one is sleeping because he's tossing, turning, playing, crying, whatever he can think of that isn't sleeping allllllll night long. I feel horrible that I started this and now we have to change it. He's not sleeping well, I'm not and my poor husband has been on the couch over 2 months with a bad back. Anyone have success at transitioning to crib after bedsharing? What did you do, how long did it take? I breastfeed so now he's used to be able to nurse himself back to sleep every time he wakes up...evey time...every hour.

Re: Someone, somewhere must have advice...

  • I don't judge you, I bedshare half the night at five months.

    Is he still waking up every hour? That's tough, I'm sorry your having such a rough time of it.

    Maybe try having your husband put him down? For naps, at least, my ds is able to sleep for my mom with rocking, while with me only the boob will do. Same concept at night?

    No other advice, just sympathy. :( Hang in there!
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