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Cot to bed

hi everyone I'm new here.. But I was wondering at what age is the best to get your toddler into a bed.. And is it best to start with a toddler bed

Re: Cot to bed

  • mhwoodmhwood member
    It depends on the child.

    Typically, once the child starts to climb out of the crib and things become unsafe is a clue that your child is ready to move. 

    Personally, I found a toddler bed a waste of money. Unless the crib turns into one, I would waste your money.

    With my 19 month old, we plan on putting her into a queen sized bed (because that's what in the room she'll be moving in to). So, we will be putting the mattress on the floor for the first little while until she gets used to it because she is a mover in her sleep.
  • DS1 was in his crib till about 3. Then we converted it to a toddler bed. At 5 we got him a race car bed (hard to get out of) cause we had DS2 and needed the crib. If you don't have a convertible crib, they sell toddler rails that go onto a regular twin bed.
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  • My daughter is 18 months n she isn't climbin out of the cot but just thinking maybe for Xmas to get her a bed.. N I think a toddler bed is a bit of waste of money too just first time mum n wanted to know wat everyone else thought
  • Anyone know what to do if you live in a studio? Baby escapes crib but shouldn't have free reign either...
  • Play pen, baby gate, I've seen people take the play pen/fencing and use it to block off areas of the house.
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