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When to be concerned with motor skill delays?

My LO was born 5 weeks early. She is now 10 weeks old and I feel like she is not doing as much as many other 10 weeks old. She doesn't seem to follow objects with her eyes/head, roll over, or push herself up during tummy time. I didn't think this was an issue at our 2 month aappointment, so I didn't mention it. But as I see the babies around me growing in skills and my LO not, I am starting to worry...

Re: When to be concerned with motor skill delays?

  • I'm concerned about similar things for my 12 wo twins that were born 6 weeks early. The NICU nurse told me to add back that 6 weeks to milestones (ie things that should be done by at FT baby at 8 weeks should be done by mine at 14 weeks). Not sure if this is accurate but is mildly reassuring until we get back to the Dr for our next check up. Interested to see other posts on this....
  • My daughter was born at 25 weeks 4 years ago. We were told that it could take up to 2 years for her to "catch up." She was caught up by about 18 months. If you are concerned, there are a lot of great programs that monitor child development. We had someone come out to the house every couple of months to assess her development. When they did, they looked at her development on 2 charts- her actual age and her adjusted age. They do not consider any interventions unless the baby is not meeting milestones on the adjusted age chart.
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  • https://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/preemie/Pages/Preemie-Milestones.aspx

    That helps a lot! I just found a good link that talks about that (above) if anyone else is wondering.
  • Both of my girls were preemies- one a 29 weeker and the other a 34 weeker. We have lots of experience with this to say the least. My 29 weeker took significantly longer to reach milestones, but we had to change our expectations to her "adjusted" age milestones. Even then she was behind, being completely honest with the dr. about our concerns was the best thing because they told us it could take up until she was 3 to catch up and they assured us that the birth to three program was available if needed and kept a closer eye on her. Now she is 4 and you'd never know she was a preemie! I guess if anything- you appreciate those milestones more than most of those other parents- and learn way sooner that it's impossible to comp
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