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Opening Infant In-home daycare in March 2016

So, this is a long ways away....but perhaps some other moms to be are planning ahead like me. :)

I have been a preschool director for over 10 years and I am now pregnant with my first.  yay!  I am due in December and planning on staying home with baby for 3 months and then opening an infant only in-home daycare starting around March 2016.  I am a bit over-qualified for this since I have been managing preschools and daycares that take care of 50-100 kiddos.  However, I just really want to spend some time with my baby and I think it would be a nice change of pace.  You can feel confident that I know how to take care of babies and keep them safe and at the same time developmentally stimulated.  I have been training the teachers to do this for years and of course I love to spend time in the classrooms when I can.  :)

I live in North Austin off of Parmer.  If you are interested or have any questions send them my way.  I will only take 4 babies at a time (3 plus my own) so it will be pretty limited.  

I know that infant care is pretty limited and expensive so my goal is to give high quality care at truly affordable prices.  I get so much joy out of taking care of children and watching them grow.  I can't wait to start this adventure with my own child and maybe make some little friends along the way.  :) 

Re: Opening Infant In-home daycare in March 2016

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