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Concerned about 18mo speech

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Any other mommies out there with an 18 mo who isn't articulating as well as you think he/she should be? He's advanced physically and cognitively but he still (sometimes)speaks with the wrong first syllable. He understands two step directions and answers questions such as: do you want milk or water?, are you ok/alright? Etc.
His vocabulary is at 20+ words but usually only one syllable. He has a couple of two word phrases but is still only saying the first sound. I'm a teacher so I may be reading into this waaaay too much. But where are your kiddos and should I bring this up at his 18mo appointment tomorrow? TIA
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Re: Concerned about 18mo speech

  • At 18 months, I'd say that sounds appropriate. If you're concerned, though, just ask his pediatrician as long as you're there tomorrow!
    (I always ask our pediatrician what I should expect by the next appointment, so that I'm a little more clear on my expectations for daughter. )
  • My kids are "early walkers, late talkers". My 1st -easy going- had six spoken words at 18 mo; my 2nd -who I anticipate will be quite a talker- had eleven spoken words at 18 mo. My 1st was way behind until her two days after her 2nd birthday and then she had a word explosion and skipped right to using pronouns correctly - so caught up just fine. My 2nd - time will tell. What did your pedi say?

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  • I think your kid is just fine! My 18 month old only says 10 words and the pedi said that was fine.
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  • Doctor said he's doing quite well. She said articulation isn't something to worry about at this age it's more about his vocabulary. Actually said he's advanced, development is more 2 yo milestones than 18mo. Couldn't have received better news! Thanks ladies for your input!
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  • My daughter is also 18 months and I am also a special education teacher and do the same things you do! It sounds like you're daughter is exactly where she should be! My daughter also has some articulation issues but I am not concerned one bit and I don't think you should be either but don't hesitate to talk to doctor anyway! Always with your gut feeling :)
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