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What does you LO wear to bed?

What does your LO sleep in?

We put DS in a short sleeve onesie and a cotton sleep sack. House is set to 70. I wonder if he's warm enough. His extremities are cool to the touch in the mornings but I don't know if that means he's cold! We also just picked up an A&A sleep sack and it feels so thin. We haven't used it yet but it's got me wondering.


Re: What does you LO wear to bed?

  • He sleeps in a long sleeve onsie and pants. Sometimes shorts or a short sleeve onsie. He sleeps with a blanket. I notice he sleeps on top of blanket or with his arms out and thats why the long sleeve. We do have a fan going in his room or AC. Its about 68-73 degrees at night.
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    DS sleeps in a short sleeve onsie, his room is about 75 when its hot outside, with a fan blowing cool air into the room.   We have an older home and I cant seem to get his room cooler then that when the sun is shining, short of installing a window AC. Which maybe we will need to do but that would take up the one window.   On cool nights I dress him in short sleeve shirt and light weight pants.  
  • Depending on how warm it is, she has pj's for all weather. Children's Place makes ones that are one piece like the footie jammies, but they are shorts and short sleeved, and those have been what she wears most nights. If it is really hot she sleeps in a diaper, and on cooler night she still wears light footies, or one piece pj's without feet that have short sleeves. Our lo tends to run warm, so we just have a light baby blanket in her crib that she usually just kicks down to her feet.

  • We're in a regular set of footie jammies and a light sleep sack, we have AC so it stays pretty cool. If we turn it off and it's warm, usually just a onesie and the sleep sack. Won't it be nice when they can tell us if they are hot or cold!
  • T shirt and pamper or t shirt with jammie pants. And the crochet blanket I made him. His feet need to be out. Haha, if I cover them, he kicks until they are free.
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