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is anyone still breastfeeding? Every time I think about weaning, I feel so conflicted...

Re: Bf?

  • We're down to one session at bedtime, and my plan was to cut that out at the beginning of July. It makes me sad to think about being done and I just can't bring myself to do it! One more week :)
  • 3-4 times a day here. I nursed DD for 22 months until she self weaned, I plan on doing the same with this little one. I love nursing though
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  • We're still doing one session at bedtime. I'm honestly not sure if he's getting much (or any!) milk, but he's still into it. I'm ok with continuing as long as he wants to (for now). I'm hoping he will self-wean by 24 mo. If not, then we may have to have a little talk about it. Haha. But, I too love nursing. If I didn't, I would probably have fully weaned him by now.
  • Thanks ladies. Nice to hear I'm not alone! I haven't owned a decision either way so that doesn't help. I think I'm okay continuing for a little while longer but it would be nice to have my body back for a couple months before ttc
  • I'm still nursing 2-4 times per day. That's far more than I thought I would be doing at this point. It's how I put him to sleep for naps (not so much at night, although I do a bedtime nursing). So if I cut the two nap time nursings, I have to strategize and prepare for a few weeks of hell. I haven't had it in me to deal with that yet and since I'm still at home, there hasn't been any real push to change it. I probably will soon though.
  • smushismushi member
    We nurse on demand.  That's at least 6 times but usually more.  It's my summer off.  I'm not about to wean or fight him.
  • It's amazing that you ladies have made it so far!!!! My supply dropped when LO was 8 months and I kept fighting until 10 months. Unfortunately I lost that battle. Enjoy that time with your babies, I miss it sooooooo much!!!
  • She nurses 3-4 times/day. I'd like to start weaning, and some days I think she's ready (like today), but then other days, she can't go without it. As much as I'd like to be done, I'm going to let her dictate it. I had to stop DD1 because of pregnancy and DS was ready to stop 3 weeks before DD2 was born. Perfect timing, really.
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  • @yellowflower15 this is us too. It's not so much to sleep but it is definitely part of the routine for naps and bedtime.
  • ksulliksulli member
    I daytime weaned her around her birthday (I work FT and was soooo don't with the pump) and kept morning/night nursing until she lost interest, which was around 13/14 months. Still kinda sad, but I love having my body to myself- in the last 6 years I've only had 4 months of that between fertity meds, pregnancies, nursing and a few cycles of non-medicated TTC.

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  • I finally weaned him last month. I wish I could've had my body back for at least a couple months before being pregnant but it didn't happen that way. He took it so well!
  • Still nursing and have been very slowly weaning. We are down to 5-10 mins a day either in the morning or before bed mainly as a comfort session for both of us haha. I'm 7 months pregnant so I really want to stop before the next baby arrives! I'm thinking in the next couple of weeks to end it.
  • I started slowly weaning around 13 months and I stopped nursing July 26th! I only remember the day because it's 7 months before I'm due with baby #2 and felt it was the right time for both of us. I'm still sad sometimes but we made it 15 months! Bonus, it's so nice letting DH put LO to bed for a change!!
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  • Way late to this party, I've been Mia from this site for like a year....

    I'm still breastfeeding, on demand probably 5-6x a day and I think like 2 at night. He does do fine when I ship him off to grandmas though. He just takes whole milk then.
  • We're starting the process. Down to twice a day now but traveling next week so won't cut out another feeding until we're home. Should be a few more weeks and then we'll be done. I'm still feeling pretty mixed about it but I think we're ready.
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