Going back to work while in NICU

My son was born at 30 weeks, weighing 2 lbs 7 oz. My husband and I have been coming to see him every day for 15 weeks and have been very involved in his daily care. Unfortunately, he is still not close to coming home and my maternity leave has run its course. I am planning to return to work tomorrow (so that I can keep some vacation days for when he does come home) and feel very conflicted. I know I need to return to work so that we can remain financially stable, but I feel incredibly guilty leaving my son alone in the NICU all day and not being there to help with his care. I know I can visit before/after work, but has anyone else experienced the same feelings and how did you cope with it? Being that he is 5 weeks past his due date with no end in sight, we are having a difficult time coping with the situation.

Re: Going back to work while in NICU

  • I didn't have to return to work until after my twins were out of the NICU but I wanted to say hang in there mama! Sounds like you have been in it for the long haul and have to do what is needed for your family. I'm sure it will be impossible not to feel guilty but try to give yourself a break - you have been through a lot an this is a particularly difficult situation. T&P for you and your LO!
  • I'm not there yet... but have been struggling with what to do once I am.

    I'm 28 weeks... hospital bed rest since 22, and there is no estimate on when my twins will come. Could be in the morning, could be weeks from now.

    My maternity leave is made up of two parts; 8 weeks disability for the cesarean and then 8 weeks paid leave (that I believe can be taken at any time). If they are still in the NICU after that first 8 weeks, I'm seriously considering going back to work until they can come home, then taking the second 8 weeks.

    It's hard to know what is right... but at least you know he is well taken care of when you're not there... and you can't feel guilty about that.
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  • Wow, sounds like you've had a tough road...hang in there mama! Returning to work was incredibly difficult, but I think it was necessary so I could have time with my son when he came home (he was finally discharged last week after 17 weeks in the NICU. I'm lucky that I have a decent amount of vacation saved up, but I am wishing I had gone back sooner and saved my maternity leave for when he was home too (his "home" date changed so much - we kept holding out hope he would be coming home at 40 weeks...). Unfortunately, it's not easy with either choice. Good luck with your pregnancy and we will keep you in our prayers for a safe delivery and speedy recovery!
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