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Progenity and Blue cross blue shield

I had progenity done at 10 weeks along and I just got in the mail my claim through insurancd was denied after appealing it . I was told to call back again and appeal it, My doctor said it would be covered when checking and now it isn't. Anyone else have this issue?

Re: Progenity and Blue cross blue shield

  • I have a consumer driven health plan with BCBS so I called progenity before I did the testing and was told as long as I got it done before 3-1 they would only be 50 bucks.
    Of course now progenity has sent me 2 letters! One stating if my insurance sent me a check I need to send to them and more recently another one about how they are talking to anthem about getting reimbursed!
    If they try to charge me the whole amount I will not be happy considering I called them first to find out the cost because I know how crap my insurance is!
  • Call the progenity number. My doctor had me do the same thing after it was denied. They have a program called "piece of mind." The number to call is (844)753-7280
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  • I had the same thing happen. My doctor told me it was covered, and I've gotten 2 letters saying I owe $5,700 somthing. I nearly had a heart attack.
  • I had the panorama test done at 10 weeks. I got a letter in the mail maybe a month or two ago that said after an account audit they denied the panorama claim. I can look on anthem's website and look at all my claims and nothing has been changed ie it becoming denied and billed to me, on the claim. I am hoping it stays this way
  • I have BCBS and they covered everything, but 900.00 for my Progenity test, but I'm 35 so that might have something to do with it. The weird thing though is that Progenity kept calling and saying they were going to send us an invoice and we should call because they will give us a deal on what we owe, but then we wouldn't get a bill. Finally after the 3rd time, I told them over the phone to either send us the bill or quit calling. We got the bill in the mail the other day and when DH called, they reduced the 900.00 down to 25.00 which was a very nice surprise! 
  • Something similar happened to me with Progenity and BCBS. I was told it was covered, then saw BCBS only paid $50 of $5k but I never received a bill from Progenity until last week, for $25. I was terrified to open it, but I'll take that all day!
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    I know this is an older post but hoping someone will see this still. I just had this happen to me. We had the genetic testing done at 12 weeks and all we were told from our doctor is that it should cost us around $100. We were not told that the blood work was being sent to Progenity or that it was out of network. Then we get an EOB from insurance saying the cost was $7,500 and that insurance was only covering $239 for us b/c it is out of network. Our insurance also cut us a check from our HCA account for another $2,200 that were are supposed to send to Progenity. However, I do not think I should have to pay this to them b/c essentially that is OUR money out of pocket and the cost should have only been $100 according to our doctor. Progenity is saying we DO need to send them the check and that they would write off the remaining amount. Has anyone else had this happen and what did they do to resolve it? Thanks!
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