Pregnant after 35

L&D watchlist for 7/5

Jerseygirl227 - 39 weeks - will have C section Monday 7/6

cneiding  -  41+ weeks  - on  7/6 will have water broke in hopes of it naturally inducing labor. If not will be induced.

Its been slower around here lately.  Hope I have not overlooked anyone on this list.  Since I will be delivering I will not be doing the list anymore. 

Re: L&D watchlist for 7/5

  • sidey1sidey1 member
    Good luck ladies, I'm a little late to see this but you may already have babies in your arms, so Congrats as well!

    nate and teddy        <img src= width="150px">

    Me 43 DH 48 Not actively ttc, surprise BFP on 1/6/11! 4/1/11 m/c our sunshine at 16wks after complications from CVS test.  *5th cycle after loss 12/6/11 BFP! Missed m/c at 9 weeks 1/21/12, trisomy 14. Two Chemical PG 3/12&7/12
    ** BFP 8/16/12 beta #1 148! beta#2 407 beta #3 4000 u/s 9.10 1 lovely hb 126, Baby Boy born 5/6/2013!

    TTC #2, bpf 1/15/15 Baby Girl due Oct 1! She's here, 9/26/2015! 

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  • Chloe Evelyn is here. She arrived at 2:10 on Monday at 8 pounds, 20.5 inches. Birth story to come. We're both doing well.
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  • Has anyone heard from cneiding?  She was supposed to be induced the same day I went in for my c-section.  I know she had a pretty huge party she was throwing on the 11th, so I wasn't surprised to not see her post last week.  But, I thought she would have checked in by now.  Just feeling concerned.
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  • @jerseygirl227 I was wondering about her too!! I've been following you guys for the last 12 weeks of your pregnancies and it's exciting to hear about your LO's arriving :)
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