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Hard bump and flutters gone...?

Hey ladies! A little help or reassurance please...

Im a FTM and I've been feeling possible flutters since week 15. Last week, week 19, I felt distinct moving sensations all week (after eating, before bed, etc). Early this week, 20 week, I had intense ligament pain and joints/hip pain for 2-3 days which I associated with a fetal growth spurt. I'm now 20 weeks 4 days and haven't felt anything moving since yesterday morning. I keep drinking OJ and laying down but I can't be sure anything is going on. Husband says he used to feel my hard ball of a uterus right under my belly button but says now it's squishy there and difficult to find. He says it feels like it's deeper in me or something. I'm not freaking out but wth?

I've been researching all day and I find some stuff about the "popping out" or rising of the uterus - but everywhere cites different time frames. Sigh...anyone got any ideas?

thanks :-)

Re: Hard bump and flutters gone...?

  • lraubaugh said:
    I don't know anything about the uterus thing besides I know my belly feels different every day, for me it depends on where baby is lying and it doesn't sound like anything to worry about. Also, for only being 20 weeks you won't feel constant or regular movement for a few more weeks, it's expected that the movement you feel now is very intermittent. My doctor confirmed that with me. You can always talk to yours if you feel like something is wrong but sounds like a normal 20 week pregnancy to me.
    100% this.

  • Agree with above. Also, the baby can be in a new position or area which you might not be able to feel yet
  • Just call your doc for reassurance. That's what I'd do. :)

  • They told me not to expect regular movement untill after 23 24 weeks before then U can go days of not feeling anything don't stress! Also try a really cold sugary drink and laying flat on your back I have to focus quite hard to notice movement I have an anterior placenta tho so I don't feel a lot yet and is mostly in the mornings when I feel movement def call for reassurance tho nothing worse than worrying yourself silly! All the best
  • I second what @thefithuntress said.. If your super worried I would just give the doctor a quick call
  • Its so strange, but then again this whole experience so far has been strange. In a good way of course. I feel well otherwise with no indication anything is wrong. My MIL said the same thing about it being too early for consistent movement. I think I'm gonna see how it goes tomorrow and call by Monday depending on how much reassurance I need. Thanks ladies!
  • PS, I thought of you the other day! My belly got hard as a rock and it was like that for a while. I just had the nurse check out her heartbeat on the doppler today and she was moving like crazy and has a great HR of 140. So you aren't alone, mama. :)

  • Hope everything is alright! I also hope you called your doc to make sure. I'm 22 weeks and have consistent movement since about 19-20wks, BUT I am also on my fourth. I also have squishy belly and hard belly days. I prefer the squishy days :)
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    I calmed down once I felt the baby again last night. I've been feeling baby on and off today, I guess it was just position changes. The hard bump I had has not returned but I feel front heavy again. I have an appt Thursday morning, I had this continues I'll probably just wait to check up on the nugget til then. :-)
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    Also in more active days for yourself baby sleeps more because movement puts them to sleep.
  • Unica1302+ I'm the same way. I've been freaking out all week because I can't be sure that I've felt the flutters in a while. I was feeling them pretty regularly and now I'm just not sure. Sometimes I think I'll have felt them but then I convince myself that it was just wishful thinking. I'm 21 weeks and 4 days (22 weeks Friday). 
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