TTC after 35

Random thoughts and ponderings...

1. I FINALLY got a smilie face on my opk. Thought the damn thing was broken. I still like the Target cheapie sticks a lot better.

2. My chart is funny. You can distinctly tell which days we slept with the AC on (the days when I am reptilian cold). Except last night and the night before we had AC on and bbt was still high(er). Hopefully that means I'm o-ing.

3. Hubby is going to need a new tooth. His tooth fell out last night (it was in pretty bad shape bc of his diabetes). Thank goodness we have an emergency fund (and other Dave Ramsey girls out there)?

4. Has anyone read The Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant? It's a fairly good read. Easy, light, and I recommend it!

Well, happy Fourth everyone! Except our Canadian friends, Happy Belated Canada Day!

- Knottie(somenumber)

Re: Random thoughts and ponderings...

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