Pregnant after 35

Going in to have baby on Monday!

Had another doc appointment today.  I like this doc.  Met her once or twice before.  She mentioned possibly inducing and I mentioned how two other docs mentioned c-section.  She said she'd check me out and let me know what she thought.  I liked how she didn't just jump to a solution.

She explained things really well (better than the other docs had) and I felt very comfortable with her.  She said she didn't think a c-section would be a bad choice considering all the factors.  And there is no dilation thus far (maybe just a tad, she said).  

So, I went ahead and scheduled the c-section for Monday.  Fiance and I were really hoping to get in on Saturday since we had originally planned that as our wedding day and we thought it would be a good story, lol.  But, the hospital was booked, so Monday it is.  And, the doc I saw today will be the one performing the procedure, so I feel pretty good.

Anyway, just wanted to share.  Hope you ladies are all doing well!  Waiting to hear from @cneiding!
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Re: Going in to have baby on Monday!

  • That's great that you have a plan in place that you're really happy with. Best wishes for a smooth delivery, looking forward to hearing all about it, and hearing about your new wee one :)
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  • I'll be thinking about you on Monday! Can't wait to see the LO.

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  • HWKIHWKI member
    Glad you are getting the OB you like! Wishing you a restful weekend and a smooth delivery Monday!
  • BP1979BP1979 member
    Woo hoo! Enjoy the weekend and rest up!!
  • well I most likely will be having mine on monday also!  When I saw the dr on Tuesday she asked if I had patience to wait another week and I told her all things considered with upcoming our party in a week...I probably should just go ahead and sechedule and induction and felt Monday would be the latest I should wait and the earliest I was ready to give up on natural right now I am down for Monday a.m.  That can change as you call before and if they are busy or something they move you out to later.  Will have my water broke and see if contractions follow.  If not will begin pictocin.  I have had my water broke twice when post due before trying pictocin.  One time nothing..didn't work...and once it worked beautifully so we will see.
  • Guess Monday is a big day!   Good luck, @cneiding!!!!
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  • Good luck to both you ladies on Monday! @cneiding & @jerseygirl227 Can't wait to see the little ones!!!
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  • What a big day Today will be!!!  Good Luck ladies!!!
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