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Where can I talk to other IPs who have a surrogate?

We have a gestational carrier who is now 26wks along...I'm looking for others working with surrogate


  • Hi; Im doing a surrogacy journey
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  • We have a good friend who is our surrogate. She is 24 weeks along with our baby.
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  • A good friend of ours is a gestational carrier for us now. She is 23 weeks along. Things are going great and we are really excited. I'm a little nervous r about bonding with the baby when she is here. Is anyone else share similar thoughts? Is there anything you are doing to help these types of worries?
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    Our close friend was our surrogate and just delivered on July 22.  Everyone's experience is different.  GL.

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    Moved on to  gestational surrogacy with a family friend who is our angel and due 7/23/15

  • I am also an IP of a surrogate pregnancy. We are due soon. The experience has been positive, but my husband seems disconnected. Is anyone else experiencing this? L.A.T
  • Hi, I'm using a surrogate and just in the 1st 5 weeks here. So far so smooth, I just feel like I'm keep her calm. (To a point I don't feel like I'm any part of this) any advice?
  • We have a 3 month old baby boy, born via GC.  Let me know if you have any questions!
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    HSG/MRI in 2/13 showed unicornuate uterus
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    FET #1 10/13 BFN
    Moving on to GC w/ transfer hopefully Summer '14
    IVF #2 3/14

  • Hi I am an IP. Have a surrogate who will be 10 weeks tomorrow and used donor egg. Would love to have other IPs to relate to in going through the pregnancy process as an IP.
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    I'm an IP using GC 7 wks along did a FET of a PGD's 5 day blast. GC has been amazing more than could have imagined however still can't take away from fact I'm not one carrying baby. So far been smooth until yesterday she had some spotting and was on pins and needles until got answer. Luckily all was ok and we got to do ultrasound few days earlier than expected (had one scheduled for this coming Tuesday)& got first heartbeat (142). Still anxious about spotting Dr said was from infection prob from progesterone suppositories have to use.
  • We're IPs using a GC who is entering her 10th week - so we're still relatively early in the process.  Our GC is phenomenal, and we're excited - taking each experience day by day. Admittedly, we're a little nervous, and looking forward to each milestone.
  • We are IP and our GC is almost 8 weeks along. So far so good but nervous about EVERYTHING. Would love to chat with others having this same experience
  • Hey IPs!!  Here's hoping all is well!!  Let's use this board to share!!   I've tried a few boards, and we're not a talkative bunch :smiley: :)  My guess is because we've experienced so much along our journey that it's hard to put into words!  Maybe if we can encourage each other with small stories, we'll be able to find some value in the use of the board - remember, our stories are unique, and beautiful blessings to be shared!  
  • I'll go first - anyone discovered a way to explain gestational surrogacy that everyone understands?  I'm finding that people appear to understand initially, but after they think about it, it's clear they're not all that certain.  I'm on the hunt for articles, videos, or funny stories that will help people understand our beautiful journey. Any ideas?

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    Just had my first baby 6 days ago, ended up with placenta increta and needed a hysterectomy.  I am only 22 years old.  Surrogacy is still several years off, but I am interested in hearing from other ladies with similar experiences.  I will be using a gestational surrogate when the time comes due to my ovaries still being intact.  
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  • Hi!! We are pregnant with our fourth babe, via GS. My last baby i had a near tragic birth and had a hysterectomy. We had one embryo left. We decided to give it a chance and shockingly enough, it worked. We are 7.5 weeks. Thankfully our GS is one city over. We text often and I’m going to the dr appointments. To be honest, I feel pretty relaxed about it all. I feel like this is such a miracle and gift from God. He is so good! What redemption after I almost died!

    As for bonding, I plan to do induced lactation. With my last baby they made me dry up my milk in the hospital, and after I recovered 6 weeks later I pumped every two hours and got a full supply in 5 weeks. Not for the faint at heart. I nursed him for 3 years!
  • We only have one fertilized egg. My husband wants his sister to carry our child since she has had 3 successful births. I want to carry my child. How to I let my own selfishness go and allow her to carry my baby? In the end my goal is to have a healthy child. However, I’m currently struggling with allowing another person to carry my child. I also have severe endometriosis and the doctors say the only way to heal mine is to get pregnant. I’ve removed some of it once already but it has come back so painfully so fast.
  • Our international surrogate is 9.1 as of today. I’m glad I found this board!
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