Pregnant after a Loss


A bit of background: I have a healthy nine year old, and that pregnancy was perfect.

In January, I lost my son at 20 weeks from early preterm labor. Nothing was wrong with him, he had a heartbeat until he was born.

Now, I am seven weeks pregnant today. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I had sex and later I had some bleeding that ended after an hour.

On Monday was my first appointment with the prenatal nurse. She did a TV us. Baby looked great, we saw a healthy heartbeat and a fetal pole. But I haven't stopped bleeding since.

It's never heavy bleeding on a pad, it's just when I wipe. A few small clots/tissue like drops. But very small.

And last night i was somewhat crampy but nothing I can't stand.

The doctor said we would have an appointment next Wednesday, and to stay couch ridden until then, and to go to the emergency room if I started bad pain or to fill a pad.

I am just hoping everything is ok. My nine year old son was so happy we are pregnant again, and I am so scared this one is being lost.

I hate waiting, and not having control to save my baby. Or to even know what's happening with my body. :(

Re: Waiting=Torture

  • I'm sorry that's happening to you. I guess they can't get you in any sooner?
  • He said there's no reason to take me in any sooner. If I'm miscarrying, they can't stop it. If its regular bleeding, resting will help it, according to the nurse.
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  • Medically I get that, but what about patient's piece of mind?! Like you said, the waiting is torture.
  • They Finally told me to come in and baby was just fine! Strong heartbeat and I was able to see it without a vaginal us. So now we just have to find out what's happening with the bleeding on Wednesday
  • Thank God, congratulations! May be it's just a SCH, those can cause bleeding. Good luck!
  • Glad they finally let you come in to check. I hate when they won't see some of because of what is normal. Especially if you have a history of loss, they should be more understanding. Happy that all is well with baby!
  • Thank you all! I have some comfort that baby had grown and is still alive, but the constant bleeding is driving me crazy on what could be wrong. Hopefully I get some answers on Wednesday.
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