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VBAC or not...need to consider first child's needs.

I am considered an excellent candidate for a VBAC as my first child was breech.  My first child was recently diagnosed with a medical condition that requires 24/7 medical care, which me and my husband have been taking on.  We are trying to get the grandparents up to speed, and have until December to do so.  Even then, they will unlikely be ready to take care of him night and day.  So, my goal is to get in and out of the hospital as fast as humanly possible.  If I do VBAC I could have a long labor, and a long delivery, but be out 24hrs after.  C-section would be a 1hr procedure, and 2 days minimum in hospital.  Possibly 4 days.  My first c-section, I was eligible to leave after 48 hrs and I recovered very quickly.  What should I do???

Re: VBAC or not...need to consider first child's needs.

  • But you are more likely to have a more extensive recovery with another c section vs a vaginal delivery plus potential complications from surgery
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    Honestly, I'd try for the VBAC if I were you, especially if caring for your child is a physical job. Recovery from a csection, as you know, requires careful, deliberate movement to keep from re-injuring yourself. And if yours was anything like mine, it was difficult to stand up straight for a few days and the pain lasted more than a week. 

    Have you considered asking your child's doctor if there are visiting nurse options for your first child while you are in the hospital? That might be helpful. Additionally, plan to labor as much as you can at home so that you can care for your first child even as getting ready to birth your second. You don't have to be at the hospital the minute you start having contractions.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
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  • If I'm correct you're also recommended not to lift bigger kids while recovering from csection. Sorry I can't be of more help. I'm trying to decide between repeat-c and vbac also. So I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. Good luck! And you have lots of time to figure it out, so try not to stress :D

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  • With a CS tou have many restrictions post surgery and carrying for your older child may not fully be an option (weight lifting restrictions, driving, possible moving around restrictions, limit your walking up stairs, no vacuuming or sweeping...) and after my CS I was physically exhausted al the time. Just walking around was hard and tiring!
    With a VBAC most of the time you are up and moving right away or if you have an epi an hour. I couldn't drive for a week and after the week I had absolutely no restrictions at all. I was back to working out, could lift my 3 yr old, moving with no problems. Was I still a little sore in my crouch, yeah but way better than my CS.

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