Baby tracking and logging?

Hi everyone,

I'm a new father. My wife and I have been having some trouble with our little one sleeping and crying a lot lately.
We started reading some books that were recommended to to us. We noticed a bunch of them recommended logging for babies.
As with many parenting things, there is a lot of different styles and systems out there but nothing was quite what we were looking for.
I was wondering about other parents' experiences and hoping to do a lot of research about the subject. Maybe with your help, we can come up with a system that helps other new parents as well.

I created a short 5-minute survey and would really appreciate your experience and help.


Re: Baby tracking and logging?

  • ksimo6ksimo6 member
    edited July 2015
    We just use a notebook and write down feedings and poop. Time and ounces. It's simple but works for us.
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