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OB/GYN who works with infertility?

Anyone have recommendations for an OB/GYN who works with infertility issues? I'm in St Paul, but near Rt 280, so Minneapolis is fine too.  I know my insurance covers Health Partners, HealthEast, and some of the Allina doctors...not sure who else.  I do know Metro OBGYN is NOT covered.  Any suggestions? I have a really short luteal phase (6 days), and would like help regulating (ie. extending) it.

Re: OB/GYN who works with infertility?

  • I was at the U and didn't have any luck, didn't like my doctors. I switched to Womens Health Consultants (Allina) and was pregnant after two tries. It was recommended to me and I am glad I made the switch!
  • I use Partners OB in Maplewood. I didn't need help with fertility, but one of my friends did and said they were excellent. I'm currently 35 weeks along and highly recommend them for on care.
  • I had success with Associates in Women's Health, Dr. Nadeau. Definitely recommend.
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