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Chicken Marsala

After my sister lectured me about how I'm not allowed to eat Marsala while pregnant, and making me feel like an inadequate moron, I called my doctor and he said I absolutely can have Marsala.. So after work today I headed to the grocery store and made probably the best Marsala yet. I served it with Farfelle pasta & sautéed asparagus. Yummy!

Happy mama = happy baby.

Re: Chicken Marsala

  • willashbabywillashbaby member
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    Why on Earth wouldn't you be able to have marsala? You should send her those pics, lol.
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  • Right?!? I love me some Marsala. Last night I got California rolls and was in uncontrollable bliss.. The little things lol
  • Why on Earth wouldn't you be able to have marsala?

    The "Marsala & Sherry wine" .. I was like oh please. But since she has children and is my sister, I figured she wouldn't steer me wrong! Lol I guess not.
  • That would be the highlight of my week!
  • That looks beautiful! Hats off to the chef! Yeah that's total BS. I keep sneaking slices of soppressata at work, of course when my over protective sweet heart executive chef isn't in my back pocket
  • It's cooked! The alcohol is gone! (not that that amount would matter anyway) Some people just want to know everything in the world, lol.

    i think tomorrow night you should make Pasta w/vodka sauce and the night after some kind of roast deglazed with cabernet. Throw her for a loop!
    I totally made pasta with vodka sauce on Sunday.... And ate leftovers all week!
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  • I would die if I was surrounded by over reactive people. Die.
  • mvhydemvhyde member
    Last night I ate a whole plate of carbonara, made it with eggs cooked only by hot pasta and wine (the way I like it). Next time I make it I will think of you!
  • I wanted Pepsi today so bad, so literally had a few sips out of my husbands cup, he acted as if I just cut down his favorite tree... He was all "this is an outrage!" It's a few sips of soda... Calm your tits.

    Seriously this is my SO! I lay on top of him and he tells me! Gasp, babe!! Don't put all the weight on the baby! Jesus. I've drinken soda before and not one eff was given. And honestly people getting so up and arms makes me go ball-is tic!
  • nanampnanamp member
    We haven't told anyone yet, so I haven't had to deal with other people thinking they know what's best for me. My husband keeps forgetting that I can't try the cocktails he makes. Though, tonight we went out to dinner with my mom (who doesn't know) and had a cheese course and my husband said to the waiter that he couldn't have unpasteurized cheese because he has a sensitive stomach. It was adorable.
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