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Is Zyrtec safe

Does anyone take Zyrtec for allergies?

Re: Is Zyrtec safe

  • willashbabywillashbaby member
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    Google is your friend but always check with Dr. JIC

    I personally use flonase and my Dr. is fine w that.
  • I use Claritin and my midwife said that's fine
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  • I took Zyrtec allergy (not just Zyrtec, apparently there is a difference) everyday of my last pregnancy. Doc said it was ok, but you should clear it with your doc to be sure!
  • If you google "is Zyrtec (or insert any drug name) safe during pregnancy " it tells you the rating and what that means...
    Zyrtec says, category B, no evidence of risk in humans
    Ha! I love that they clarified human...

    (Claritin is B also, FYI)
  • I take a Zyrtec every morning and Benadryl every night to help with my hives. My OB and dermatologist both say it's perfectly safe. They also mentioned Claritin being safe as well, but I have yet to take it. I hope that helps!
  • bb89012bb89012 member
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    yes my doctor said it's perfectly fine, including the generic brand as well.

    ALSO- a super helpful and fun app called Ovia, had a medication and food lookup which tells you if it's safe and then on what scale is it safe or not. highly reccomend the app!
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