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First Birthday

I know it's too soon but has anyone else started planning the first birthday bash in their head already!? :x
My friend's son turns one this weekend and I just can't wait for my LO's big ONE!!

Re: First Birthday

  • Nanc90Nanc90 member
    I want to start planning my baby's birthday party but,I am barely finishing the arrangements forher nbaptism for next week. Once I'm done with that I'll start planning her birthday party for sure .
  • I have had a pinterest board started for birthday ideas since she was a few months old- lol.  October will be here before you know it
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  • I've been thinking about his birthday for months. My own birthday is Sunday and I haven't spent one second planing for it. The other night I was asking my husband what flavor cake we should have for LOs birthday, and he said that's months away what do you want for yours? And I realized I had forgotten mine was even coming up.

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  • ila11ila11 member
    Awww... That's so cute!! That's a typical mom for you..
  • I started planning two months ago!!
    Is good once you have an idea of what theme you like to start buying something every month so the last month does not get overwhelmed.
  • sadixon803sadixon803 member
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    My LO will be 1 on the 27th of October, so I cannot really celebrate her birthday until Saturday which happens to be Halloween. I was thinking of a little costume party for her. I was also thinking of just taking cupcakes to her daycare on her big day. 
  • My LO's birthday is also the 27th of October. We have family that live here in town so my plan was to have a big birthday bash the Sunday before, that way I'm not stuck with everyone on his first real Halloween. I've also been planning his party for about 6 months already, and am tying that into Halloween. Our theme is toy story, and I'm going to dress him up as lone of the little aliens. But, what are the real necessities for a first birthday?
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    My LO will be one on Oct 29! We are having to same problem in having the party on Halloween.
    I'm going with a Little Pumpkin theme for her birthday. Been planning it for the past month. Was looking At having it at one of the pumpkin patches, but worried about the weather.
  • We are sad because we probably won't celebrate except for the three of us. Our families are far away and are not likely to come visit. :(
  • I've been planning before she was even here, I definitely downsized my thoughts though.
  • My son's bday is 10/1. We're going with a "cat in the hat" theme. I've already started collecting decorations and goodies for his party
  • Yes! Been planning since January
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  • Already have it booked at the pumpkin patch! So exciting
  • My LO will be one on the 7th. We're doing a teal shabby chic theme
  • My little guy turns one on the 7th! We planned a football themed party at a park.
  • My son's bday is Oct. 10th. We are having a baby Hulk theme because he kinda growls like the hulk
  • I started a Pinterest board months ago, but finally started ordering supplies last week!! Created a Facebook event and invited a bunch of people a few days ago too.. Kinda early, but oh well, I'm excited:)
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