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Abuse of services?

So I posted a while back about my terrible experiences with my first doctors office, which I switched after my second appointment.

But I received a bill from them for $1550 that I just can't justify paying. During my first appointment, I was exactly 6 weeks pregnant. The ultrasound tech knew this and made the comment "well we will try an abdominal, but I doubt we will see anything." After literally one minute of trying she said it was going to have to be transvaginal. Which she did and found the baby and that's when they confirmed I was 6 weeks to the day.

But upon receiving my bill (it was 10 days before my health insurance started, go figure) they charged me for both ultrasounds, one being nearly $900 (the internal) and the other being almost $700. When I called to inquire about it, they said that's how they bill and they did it to confirm I wasn't further along - but they fully knew I was self paying and the tech even made the comment that she knew she wouldn't see anything and performed it anyway.

So opinions... do I fight this? Do I just chalk it up as a loss and pay it?

I have a friend who works in health insurance and she told me this is an abuse of services for performing unnecessary services based on gestational progress.

Re: Abuse of services?

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    I'd fight to lower it. Ultimately you consented to the services but you shouldn't have to pay that much. I'm sure you can get it down to a fraction of that amount.

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  • Technically you should be informed about cost of service prior to them being performed. Also the ultrasound might happen to be in units of time for billing . As a therapist , we have to do at least one unit of time (15 min) for it to be a billable service. Although I know the modality is used differently for pregnancy. I would definitely try to fight it, they probably get away with this sort of thing with insurance companies all the time . Terrible !
  • @Rach8672 my entire appointment was a total of 12 minutes. No lie. I looked at my clock when I got into my car after my 2pm appointment and a whole 12 minutes was the length of that appointment.
  • Fight it. I was self pay for my first apt and it was $280 for the ultrasound and the pap and blood work and everything.
  • My OB charges $200 for out of pocket ultrasounds. Definitely dispute it. Call billing department first and see if they will clear the abdominal.
  • I agree with PP... Fight it. That's freaking ridiculous... I know what my office charges people without insurance because I hear them telling people constantly to forewarn them... I think it's $100 an ultrasound.
  • @jennaymg13 get this... I called billing and they told me that they don't handle this type of thing, that I needed to call the office that I had the services done directly and talk to them about it. That's how I found out this "this is how we bill." I guess I need to speak to some manager or something? I don't even know who to ask to talk to anymore but I am about to just show up there and in person dispute it.
  • Ask for the office manager and if that doesn't work escalate to the Dr even, the more annoying you are the more likely they will deal with this.
  • Believe me, be calm and keep asking. If they aren't offering a solution, offer one yourself and say that you have $200 you can pay in full for the bill now, or they can get you a $10 per month payment plan. I imagine they would jump to get the cash.
  • Be calm and fight it.
  • Fight fight fight. If nothing arises from asking over and over, I would possibly speak to an attorney of some sort just to get a professional opinion. They should have KNOWN not to do an abdominal, especially at 6 WEEKS. If not, they are dumber than rocks and you should go somewhere else. My friend recommended a 4D ultrasound place near me, and it's $79 for the first appointment (they'll give you dozens and dozens of pictures too) and after it was $30. I extremely dislike going to the doctor (but I obviously will for the baby) because they charge up the butt just for walking into an appointment. Good luck momma! What you're going through is total garbage!
  • Definitely kill with kindness and ask about a discount since you don't have insurance. We didn't haven't insurance with our first pregnancy and we received 50 - 70% off every medical bill. We did have to ask first.... After getting the big ass bills.


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  • Fight it! Do not let them do that to you momma!
  • Fight. I have fought a hospital bill before and won. It is worth the time.
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  • The same thing happened to me in my last pregnancy. I wish I had thought to fight it. I just paid $50 a month until I had paid if off. It can't hurt to ask!
  • I'd fight, call, state your case in writing, offer a cheap cash settlement and in the end only agree to pay 10 per month if they won't work with you. Always stay calm, firm and pleasant. And in the end if you have to make (.cheap ) payments on the full amount, there is nothing they can do about it as long as you are paying. So it's completely worth it to give it a shot.
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