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Strep at 12 weeks Help!

is it safe to take amoxicillin? OB office is closed till morning and I feel horrible. I went to the urgent care and told me I have strep. Should I wait to take it till morning when I can talk to my OB?

Re: Strep at 12 weeks Help!

  • Did the urgent care know you are pregnant? Did you check with the pharmacist? Most antibiotics are fine, just call the clinic or pharmacy to double check.
  • Google says it is category B so it should be alright. If it were me and I were in pain I would go ahead and get started on it but still call the OB in the morning to make sure she wouldn't rather switch you to something else.
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  • Thank you. And yes I did mention to the doctor twice I was pregnant . He was on his cell phone the whole time he was talking to me. Never going back to that urgent care again.
  • I had a sinus infection at 9 weeks and my ob gave me amoxicillin so it should be fine. Always good to check with your ob tomorrow morning, but if think you should be ok!
  • Did they do a rapid strep test to confirm strep? Or just give it to you. Asked on symptoms?
  • Amoxil is safe during pregnancy.
  • Yup amoxicillin is safe (im a pharmacist) :)

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