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A little worried...

I'm 10w4d went to the dr today. He did an ultra sound but didn't take measurements. And no blood work. I saw him at 6 weeks and he did blood work. But shouldn't he have done it today?

Re: A little worried...

  • I don't think you do blood work every month. I only had the 10 week blood work for the genetics screening but it wasn't routine. I wouldn't worry there. When you go for the NT scan at weeks 11-13, they do blood work.
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    I don't think so. Measuring hormones in blood work seems to be a British thing. In Canada and the US, they do initial blood testing for iron levels, STDs--that sort of thing. You don't really need to test that again for awhile...
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  • I don't go again until 14 weeks
  • You can call your drs office to check. Mine doesn't do blood work all the time, just feels that way to me. The specialist does it too.
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  • I only had a full prenatal panel at my first visit. Since then I've had additional blood work for the glucose test and HIV test since they forgot to do that the first time. Doc told me I won't have anymore until 28 weeks or so unless something comes up. The only thing they'll do each time is a urine test although I forgot to ask what they're checking for. I'll ask next time if I remember. 
  • I think blood work is only for the first visit and after its only for a specific reason like a genetics screening or like with me monitoring my thyroid. Also, @willashbaby, the urine sample is to check for protein. I'm not sure it's just for that but I know that's one reason
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  • @anglgrl718 thanks for the info, I'll confirm with them at the next appointment.
  • I did not have blood work at my 10wk appt. urine test, Doppler and a quick look on abd US since HB was sounding faint on Doppler. Everything is great though. Healthy baby moving away in there!

    I was surprised about not having a blood draw since the phlebotomist told me I would need to prepare by being hydrated for each visit. I'm not an easy stick. :(
  • @willashbaby they usually check protein & sugar levels with the urine samples. Always good to double check but that's what mine are sampling.
  • I only had blood test first visit and NT scan, I give urine each time. No ultrasound except dating scan, NT scan and later anatomy scan. Unless there is a problem I think all he is doing is checking my cervix at appointments and listening (not even measuring) heartbeat.
  • Last two pregnancies I've just had blood work at first appt and at the 24 glucose test. I've only given urine at first and then starting at 28 or 32 to start testing for pre-e.
    I'm sure if your ultrasound measurements were off your dr. would have told you.
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  • @willashbaby they check your urine for protein (sign of pre eclampsia) and sugar (sign of diabetes)
  • They did blood work at my very very first appointment before they even did an ultrasound. Unless there's something to be concerned about, they're not going to test you every single visit..
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