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12 wks & Feel like CRAP

I've been a decent trooper throughout the never ending morning sickness and food aversions....I am definitely less nauseous but still throwing up a few times a week and feeling so BLAH.
I'm fed up and just need to WHINE!!!

I see all these posts about cravings....and I'm like... what are cravings?? I have things I can stand to eat....or the few things that sound appealing lol

I got blood drawn today and almost passed out and feel extra crappy....I have a sonogram tomorrow hopefully that will make me feel less whiney......

12 weeks 2 days....when is relief coming?? Anyone else feel me on this?

Re: 12 wks & Feel like CRAP

  • This was me last week at 12 weeks also. Worst I felt my whole pregnancy!! I feel so much better this week. Still not craving anything and many smells/sights of foods still bother me, but I'm not constantly nauseous and like more foods. Hang in there! You're almost there! Good luck!

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  • I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and the past week has been the worse for me. Can barely keep anything down, not even water and I'm just blah all around. I'm so trying not to be a whiner either but I'm pretty much miserable. Hoping there is some relief for me somewhere in the horizon!
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  • The worst for me was 11.5-12.5 weeks although I still feel pretty bad (13w2d). I'm jealous of everyone that feels great past 10/11 weeks.
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  • So far my whole first trimester has been a mess. (Currently 12 weeks 1 day). I throw up about every other day. My hormones are so out of control, anything brings me down to where my excitement over this pregnancy (my 2nd child) has decreased and is now full of blah. The nausea medicine that the doc prescribed makes me feel like I'm taking downers so I refuse to take them. I feel ya. And like y'all, hoping to see better days real soon! (End rant here)
  • I'm 13w1d and the sickness has just started for me. I was having food aversions before but other than that I was fine but now all of a sudden I'm getting sick and feeling nauseous all the time. I thought this was supposed to go away in 2nd trimester but it's just starting. I do t get it, but you're not alone.
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  • Aww... I really feel badly for those of you who are throwing up daily and/or multiple times a day! I've been constantly nauseous from 5 weeks to about two days ago but never threw up. I was miserable for 7 weeks, but thankful I wasn't puking. Hopefully it gets better for those of you who are really struggling soon!!
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  • I'm feeling your pain feel like I have hit a wall and it isn't getting better. I am so tired. Constantly feeling sick and throwing up, can't look at some foods and finding nothing to be appealing to eat in between hunger pains. Also feeling sick because haven't been able to go to the loo in over 5 days. Currently 12 weeks. Hoping it gets better but not confident.
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