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A fun little game.


Re: A fun little game.

  • Tomato on toast, I can call is Tot for short.
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  • Vinegar, Pickles, and Granny Smith Apple
  • Chili with extra tomatoes!
  • Apple and corn nuts. LOL


  • Strawberry Twizzlers dipped in nacho cheese. Trust me.
  • Blueberry Cheeze It.


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  • Chips, carnation (instant breakfast), or soup.
  • Slim Jims, Cheese, Strawberry Shake, French Fries, and Chicken
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  • kylelee23 said:

    Strawberry Twizzlers dipped in nacho cheese. Trust me.

    I think I'll take your word on that one lol
  • This thread is just making me hungry!!!

    Pizza, pancakes, ice cream
  • I'm on the salt & vinegar chip train!!! But mainly salty, crunchy, or sour-y :) sounds like a new dwarf name from Snow White....




  • Porkchop and gravy. :/ lol
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  • babybluu said:

    kylelee23 said:

    Strawberry Twizzlers dipped in nacho cheese. Trust me.

    I think I'll take your word on that one lol
    Me too lol.

    For me: chicken wings (which I don't normally like) and watermelon.

  • I would name him/her carbohydrate, carb for short.  

  • Bland, cheese, toast, fruit!
  • zg49zg49
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    Raisin Bran Crunch.

  • There should be a disclaimer to not read this thread while hungry. I want everything listed. hahaha
  • @KaraEpp16 I just saw @zgurl49 's post and had a bowl of raisin bran crunch. It was delicious. ;)
  • Broccoli cheddar soup.
  • PB&J or chips!
  • Lemon, Baked Potatoes, or Cereal!
  • Glad I'm not the only one craving carbs!  Possible names are Muffin, Sourdough and Donut :-D I'm also aware that I'm not getting enough greens, so Salad would be a good one too!

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  • This is horrible... I've been craving a sandwich made by a local wich shop... If I named my baby after the sandwich, baby's name would be...

    Train wreck X_X
  • meat and cheese.  my testing revealed i am anemic, which is likely why i was craving meat all the time.
  • maeg66maeg66
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    Right now I could go for pb&j dipped in chicken noodle soup.
  • Olive or Mango haha
  • Taco Bell and strawberries!!
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Drumsticks. (The ice cream, not chicken.)
  • Fried pickles and Squirt!
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  • At this exact moment...Hook & Ladder (sandwich)...Maybe "Hook" could be the next trendy name? LOL

    Others: Cheese. Salad. Schlotzsky's Turkey Original.
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  • Salt and vinegar mint pattes
  • Fireballs! The hard candy, not the alcohol. Also spicy sweet chili Doritos! Yummy
  • Sour patch kids =P~
  • Pastry. So much pastry.
  • Little baby Potato.


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