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I'm still pumping at work and nursing at home and baby is still not sleeping through the night. I'm so tired from working that I put her in te bed with me months ago and I can't get her out . She still wakes to feed every 2-3 hours but surely she isn't hungry it's just habit now right ? Do breastfed babies still need a feeding even 1 during the night at this age ? Any advice appreciated.

Re: Sleep schedule

  • I'm going through the same thing. You are not alone.
  • I don't think babies would need to eat that much in the night at this age but it all depends on her intake during the day. It is possible she truly needs the feeding but lots of BF babies nurse for comfort, especially if they are in bed with you.
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  • At nine months the baby eats more solid food and can have a bottle of formula before bed. I stopped breastfeeding a month ago and he sleeps better now. We all would love to keep breastfeeding out babies but at this month does not even satisfy them. One bottle of formula at night wont hurt him. Remember that the baby is getting his calories/vitamins mainly from the solids. I hope this will help you and if you work, you really need a better sleep
  • I am in the same situation. Baby was sleeping with me in my bed until his 8th month. I started then put him to his cot bed immediately he fallen asleep on breast :-) . Sometimes he woken up, sometimes no. Now I breastfeed him only twice during the night. When he wakes up, he cries or calls me, I take him to me until he gets sleep again. I think it is better week by week. His sleep is now deeper so he sleeps well. And me too :-)
  • I'm fighting with mine to sleep in his crib just turned 9 months. He's a nursing co-sleeper and wow he hates me lol. But he's improving so stick to your guns. What my husband and I are doing is spending time with him in his room not playing just being there giving cuddles. Then I nurse him he falls asleep and I transfer him into his crib. So far not too excited about the transfer but he's starting to settle himself within 15-20 min (before we were at 2 hrs non stop crying before I couldn't stand it I had to nurse him to sleep and leave him on the mattress on the floor in his room). Hope he makes it to 6:00 am
  • MamaFCMamaFC member
    Wow, it is so nice to know I am not alone. Our little is back to nursing twice during the night. Praying he will get better soon
  • Totally not alone! My babe wakes to feed 2-3 x on a good night and consumes a lot of calories and night vs. day Google reverse cycling in babies. I'm told since she is not consuming much in the day she may genuinely be hungry at night and that I have to some how switch this around... Nutritionist mentioned less amount at night offered or perhaps a bit of water vs milk and she would maybe make up the calories in the day... I'm nervous to start though as she's a skinny mini already! I'm glad mine isn't the only Oct babe still waking to eat... Thought we would be through this phase of babyhood by now :)
  • At 9 months my doctor suggested to stop going into feed her during the night. It took about a week of her waking up and crying for a while, but she finally got used to it. It was really hard for me at first too. The doctor advised me that she doesn't need that feeding and she really just wants the comfort. At that time the only way I could comfort her was to nurse. So we took care of two things at once. I'm not her only source of comfort and she's sleeping through the night. She turns a year old next week so that was about 3 months ago.
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