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Crawling & we don't know what to do!

My lo just turned 6 months and yesterday he decided to start really crawling and moving all over the place. Pulling books off the shelves (took them down and put the bookshelf in another room, now), trying to pull himself up, basically finding everything you don't want him to lol I'm sure this is normal so what did you all do when you needed to do laundry, dishes, dinner, etc? He doesn't like his exersaucer that much and he's over the weight limit for a swing. Be doesn't like to just sit either :-/ I've been wearing him and that does help. Just looking for more suggestions. Anyone do a giant playard? Tia!!

Re: Crawling & we don't know what to do!

  • We've removed most things that are dangerous and within reach of my 9 month old, we don't have book shelves, entertainment centers, etc but we still have to watch her like a hawk. I let her come into the kitchen with me and crawl around or my husband and I take turns watching her. I never needed baby gates to cordon my first kid off into a certain area but I might do that for my daughter to make sort of a large play pen where she can sit on the ground but can't get out. She's just too curious and can't be stopped.
  • Our DD was crawling at 6 months too and we just followed her around one evening and anything dangerous/hazardous to her we removed or relocated! Its a lot at first and they are still young enough that you cant really expect them to understand when you try and explain why they need to leave something alone! They do sell those gate looking play yards or you can get a pack and play for the living area for when you are trying to get dinner done!
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  • We have relocated the things that are dangerous and within her reach. She is 11 months now, I allow her to go wherever she want...I didn't restrict her but never left her alone. Always I will be watching her. During dinner and dishes, I will keep her in the jumper (baby jumper).
  • My daughter is the same way. She's turning seven months next week and she been crawling since she turned 6 months. Right now I only do chores when she's napping, otherwise I'm out there watching her. I will be getting a play yard soon though that way if I need to do the dishes or get some school work done I can.
  • For kitchen stuff just bring LO in with you and offer measuring cups, plastic spoons, Tupperware to play with. Otherwise, I pretty much do everything at nap time.
  • Hi, 
    what do you guys recommend as tips for my baby to start crawling? Any apps anyone knows of? 
  • I don't know about apps but we put up a gate that enclosed our living room, completely baby proofed and turned it into a play room lol. It's done wonders for my sanity and my lo has fun all day!
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