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Where's the Heartbeat?

Had my apt 10w4d. Dr couldn't find hb on the doppler. Said maybe my uterus is tilted, which makes me think she couldn't find it or it hasn't grown. So I'm having an ultrasound at 2. Burst out crying once already;my husband is meeting me there and my SIL was there already so I'm not alone. I'm praying for my baby to be healthy, but God's will be done over all. If you pray, please do.

Re: Where's the Heartbeat?

  • A lot of people don't find the heartbeat that early.  I'm on week 11, with a titled uterus and I can't find mine on the at home doppler.  Some doctors won't look for the HB before 14 weeks because it's hit or miss and they don't want to freak you out.  think positive thoughts! 
  • Lots of time you can't hear the heartbeat till 11-12 weeks.  Hang in there I am sure all is well.
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  • Don't lose hope!!!! My doc said due to many factors it's common not to be able to hear the HB on Doppler around 10w. Ours couldn't find it either and then we had an ultrasound and there our baby was- safe and sound. Thinking of you today as I can totally relate.
  • Thanks everybody. Waiting to go back to ultrasound now.
  • I think ultrasound is a better read than a Doppler anyway, since you can see what's going on (you'll be able to see the heart beating) and they can measure the size of the baby as well. Take deep breaths and good luck!
  • Praying for you. Please let us know how the ultrasound goes!
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  • Praying for you!
  • At my 9w6d appt my Dr couldn't find the HB but didn't seem worried at all. She felt where my uterus was and felt around my stomach. I was able to find the HB on my home doppler at 11 weeks which was 4 days ago and I haven't been able to find it since. I'm sure everything is fine and I hope you see a healthy HB at your ultrasound.
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