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Why do we only get 4 ultrasounds throughout the whole pregnancy? It's so disappointing. I want to see my baby more than 4 times in 10 months. I mean, it's been a month since I've seen peanut and I won't see him again for 21 more weeks. Why is it like that? :(

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  • I'm getting two.
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  • kmjbjgkmjbjg member
    Yes, you are lucky to get 4.  With my DD I had one and with DD2 I had two (only because of bleeding).  They do way more ultrasounds than they used to!
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  • I get 1 at 20-24 weeks.
  • sck601sck601 member
    I'm only getting 2 as well, so you're lucky to get 4. I got one at 11w and my next one is my A/S on 8/17

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  • TifVBTifVB member
    They are expensive....but it also has to do with insurance and the Dr.
  • CaraBoonieCaraBoonie member
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    Back when our moms were pregnant with us they got none unless something was wrong...out of her 3 children my mom only ever had an ultrasound with my sister (the youngest) because we got in a horrible car accident during her pregnancy. When my mom heard I got one at 8 weeks and another at 11, all before the 20 week anatomy scan (and the fact that you can now find out sex through a blood test before the end of the first trimester) she was in shock. So while I totally get how you feel, I wish I could do one every day to check in on my little bean, at the same time it's awesome we get as many as we do, it's a very recent thing!

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  • you could always ask. my doctor is really nice and said she doesn't plan to do one for my next appointment but if I wanted one she would. last time I was in it was the same, I just asked since 'I was there and it would ease my mind' she had no problem with giving me one!
  • I get two as well- unless you opt for extra screenings I think 2 is pretty common.
  • I've had 4- 6 weeks, 7 weeks, 9 weeks and 12 weeks for the 1st trimester. Mine is an IUI baby so I think that's why. The fertility dr wanted to make sure everything was set the 1st two. 9 weeks was confirmation at the regular ob and 12 was 1st trimester screen. I'll have another one at 19 weeks for anatomy and I think that's it?
  • As far as I know the only one I will have will be the anatomy scan around 20 wks. Maybe it's just a been there, done that STM thing, but that's enough for me.
  • I feel the same way it sucks I won't see my baby girl until I'm 20 weeks and I haven't seen her since 7 :(
  • EC2016EC2016 member
    I only get 2. One at 12 weeks and 1 at 22.
  • I get two. I had one at 8 weeks and another for the anatomy scan at 20 weeks. However, I sympathize. I think most of us would want to see baby at every appointment.
  • You can ask your doctor if they ever do sneak peaks... The nurse practitioner in my OB office does them from 8-9 am on Mon and Wed, for free. So she doesn't submit to insurance or charge. She's the best, I just love her. I realize I'm probably fornutate to have this option. Also they have elective ultrasound places.... We do the HD 3-D ones around 30 weeks. So amazing to be able to see their little faces.
  • I don't get my first one until 20 weeks.
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  • I'm high risk and I only get 3 :)  I had one extra US done early because I had a lot of bleeding.  Since my husband is leaving the country and will miss our next US (and I'm super nervous with the bleeding) I scheduled one in town for this week.  Mine's only 50 dollars which I think is a small price to pay to have reassurance before he leaves, especially because I'm not sure how easy it will be to get in touch with him.

    Just google "ultrasounds near me"
  • I wish I got four. I only get two and I only get a second one because of a previous loss. They usually only do one at 20 weeks in my area.

    They only do more than one if there are complications or for dating purposes. I even had to ask for an early one because of my previous loss, as they usually only do an early ultrasound after multiple miscarriages not just one loss.
  • I agree with a few of the PP. I've had 7 so far at 13 wks and I'd gladly trade that for an uneventful pregnancy that wasn't considered high risk. As fun as it is, it really isn't that fun when it all comes down to reality. I only had 2 with my son... I wish I could go back to those days.
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  • I will get two, a dating scan (which midwife said we didn't need to do unless I wanted it, so I said yes please, lol) and the one at 20 weeks.
    With my 1st and 2nd kids I only had them at the 20 week mark.
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  • 4 is actually a lot.  Think of it like this - at least you AREN'T having a lot of extra ones.  Most women who do have them because there are previous losses or they are high risk.  Trust me - having more ultrasounds is not usually a good thing.

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  • I've had one at 7,8,9 week so far. My next one is week 19-21. I had to do it often because I was bleeding alot and I had a previous miscarriage prior.

    I called the insurance to check how many ultrasounds they pay for and for me they said unlimited. I was nervous because I heard most only cover a certain amount.

    I'm actually glad I don't have to get more frequent ones checked and the doctor is now confident.

    My last miscarriage I got one every week between 5-10 because they were ruling out ectopic pregnancy. It was so stressful. They did it until I miscarried.

    Sometimes knowing less is a blessing. I was told that this is why they don't check frequently because they don't want to cause more stress in addition to the expensive cost.

    Last pregnancy I promised myself to wait as long as I could near end of first trimester to see the doctor so I can be stress free lol,
  • My office has an u/s machine in the exam room and I'm going for my 3rd u/s already at 12 wks tmr....

    So I'm guessing I'll have one every visit/every month.... it's my first pregnancy and I'm healthy not high risk or anything....

    Does anyone think this is too many? Like possibly harmful?? I was kind of worried about it because I didn't know it wasn't normal until I talked to my mom and now reading all of your responses.....
  • l4rkl4rk member
    edited July 2015
    I'll add to the chorus of people who should only get 1 or 2. I've been lucky and had one at 8 weeks and again today at 11 weeks, but the most recent one was because my midwives thought things went terribly wrong. So... is the extra stress of being told you've probably lost your baby worth the extra ultrasounds? I genuinely don't know. It's great afterwards (when they're wrong) but hell leading up to the appointments...
  • You seem pretty lucky to me. I only get one to find out the gender and make sure everything is going well. 
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  • Because it's a medical tool to assess the health of the fetus. If you want to see the baby just for fun there are private studios that accommodate that.
  • My two previous pregnancies my office gave 1 at 20 weeks. I think early ultrasounds are a newer thing.

    I agree with previous posters that be thankful you have 4. My last pregnancy they sent me back twice to double check something they were questioning and that was nerve racking enough worrying something was wrong.
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  • Hmm I would love to be able to not have so many ultra sounds. After 3 past miscarriages, possible lupus indication, multiple spouts of sporting, and er trips because I'm so dehydrated, ya... Consider yourself lucky you don't have to worry and ultra sounds are no longer fun, but worrisome because you've never had anything positive from them in the past. If you need reassurance, go get a dopler and listen to the heart beat, or go to the ultrasound offices that you pay out of pocket to get them done. I'm kinda side eyeing the crap out of you.
  • mvhydemvhyde member
    Ugh, I had to do a bunch of US's with this pregnancy, dating (no baby), then a week later to see if there actually was a baby, then again for viability because they thought the embryo was positioned too close to the fallopian tubes (thankfully the baby is fine). ALL those suckers were transvaginal because baby is too small to see . If I don't have another US ever for this pregnancy I will be very happy but I know the anatomy is important.
    Also I am a STM, so it doesn't seem as unique. First pregnancy I had 2: dating, and anatomy (again both times were transvaginal because LO was stubborn and the US tech couldn't get him in position no matter how much she prodded).
    So it could be worse...

  • Insurance won't pay for more than that. I get 2. One at 7 weeks and one at 20 weeks. If you want more ultrasounds, find a place near you that only does ultrasounds. They aren't covered by insurance, but they are less than $100 a scan, and you'll get dozens of photos to take home. My friend recommended a place near me that does 4D scans for $79 for the first visit and the next visits are only $30 after that. We won't be able to find out the gender until our 20 week scan, and I'm debating on waiting and being really surprised, or going early and getting a 4D scan...
  • designer303designer303 member
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    Agree with previous posters, four is actually a lot for a normal pregnancy. I am high risk this pregnancy and my previous ones It's not fun. We have had 8 ultrasounds already at 10+ 4. That's because I have been bleeding and basically being told that we are a high risk for miscarriage. Don't wish this bumpy ride on anyone. With my son I had many complications and had ultrasounds weekly from 30 weeks til delivery, also not fun because they were watching problems and every single one was stressful. Good luck and enjoy your normal pregnancy with more ultrasounds than most who don't have high risk complications.

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  • I lied before!! I am a FTM and assumed I was having more ultrasounds than I was, whoops!

    I had 2 early on but for dating and verifying purposes. Went today (12 wks) and just had the heartbeat doppler done no ultrasound.

    So I guess I'll have 3-4 total as well. My next will be the 20 week scan.

    I was still pretty satisfied to hear the heartbeat even though I was slightly disappointed we didn't get an u/s, but I agree with PPs that it's nice to know the doctor is confident and we don't need to investigate further!
  • I also have had 5 so far, and will be getting them every 4 weeks moving forward.  I understand your frustration, but on the flip side, this isn't cheap/ I am missing a lot of time from work.  So, everything has its advantages and disadvantages.  

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  • I'll have 3, but only because I am doing the NT scan in a little over a week.

    With my first I had 2, with my second I had more in the 3rd trimester because the kept double checking how big he was before my c-section.
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