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Announcing my Pregnancy tonight!!!!

Hello ladies, I am 10 weeks pregnant with my second baby.. And tonight I am going to tell my family. This may seem like such as easy thing to do.. But I am beyond freaked out. My last pregnancy my mother was quite upset. She was the one who told the rest of my family, but with my first I was young, just started dating my now husband. I don't know why but I'm nervous to tell everyone. 4 years later we have a great life. Buying a house, got married, great jobs, a very smart first child who has been accepted into a private school. And yet, I'm still nervous!?!?!?!

I feel like everyone should be excited about a new baby. I guess I don't understand why I feel so nervous. Maybe it's the hormones. But as it gets closer and closer to dinner I am getting more and more anxious.. Not sure how to say it, or if I have my daughter say it since she is a super proud big sister already. Or maybe do one of those cute pregnancy announcement things. I don't know!!!

Let me know if I'm just crazy or if I have a reason to be nervous. Gah. This is killing me!  


Re: Announcing my Pregnancy tonight!!!!

  • I think you're just nervous because of the last experience you had.  Obviously, life turned out pretty great and any worries family members may have had at the first announcement have surely washed away:)  You shouldn't be nervous, be happy!!

    I vote for having your daughter do it...way cute.
  • No reason to be nervous :) I bet your family will be super excited for you! You could always let your daughter wear one of those "big sister" shirts and see who notices first!
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  • LOL that's what we were thinking, but my family doesn't pay attention like that. But my daughter loooooves to tell people about the baby in my belly.. :)

    Thank you ladies for your support. I am personally very excited for this change in our life. :)  

  • I think you'll be fine!  I can understand the nervous association, my sister had a similar experience if not worse (pregnant senior year of HS by way of a one night stand) and now she's also married to my niece's dad and when she announced baby #2 my parents were thrilled.  Now that the circumstances are totally different, I'm sure their reactions will be as well!  Keep us posted on how it goes, and  I agree with the other moms-to-be, let DD do it and it'll take some pressure off of you!
  • I get nervous like that too before announcing. I don't know what it is. My heart pounds!!
    Good luck!!
  • Awesommmmeeee! Thank you!!! :) & I will definitely let you guys know how it goes first thing tomorrow morning!

    (Oh man, this has me all sorts of excited now.) :D

  • I'm sure however you decide, your family will be excited for you. Especially since it sounds like things are going so well. All the best, you'll do great!
  • I have the jitters because of your first experience..but look how well it turned out!! :)  Be excited for yourself and your family first, WE are all excited for you regardless!!!  Good luck, I'm sure it will go over well :)




  • cjd&kcjd&k member
    Hope all went well and everyone was happy for you!
  • I've been so nervous telling people! I get shaky hands and everything!
    For me I think it's the fact that it'll be out in the open and I won't be in my little bubble anymore! Kinda enjoyed having a little secret to keep with OH!!
  • How did it go?! I also get nervous announcing it. This one makes me even more nervous because I was a very adamant one and done mommy. Can't wait for the responses.......
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