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Spotting making me nervous

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and spotting mainly brown and not too heavy but it's really freaking me out. Been going on for a few days now. I haven't felt sick or anything and my first sonogram is a week away. Nurse said I should be fine but I'm getting first time mom jitters anyone else have this ? I was going to get an earlier sonogram but would be a pain and not at my regular dr.

Re: Spotting making me nervous

  • I am 6 weeks and have been spotting light pink mucous a few times, was also worried. Just saw me OB yesterday and was reassured it is likely nothing to worry about unless cramps/ bright red blood. Also my girlfriend who has 4 healthy boys said she spotted on and off in all of her pregnancies. Trying not to worry myself, instead keeping faith that all will be ok! Best wishes to you and your baby!
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