Pregnant after 35

1/136 for Trisomy 21

I just got my results from the first trimester screening and my odds are given as 1/136 for Down Syndrome. I'll get the NIPT testing next. Any prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

Re: 1/136 for Trisomy 21

  • Praying like crazy!
  • well, think of it the other way....135 times it won't be you basically.  THere are a whole lot of odds in your favor.  Sometimes drs try to make those numbers seem so doomish but really odds are totally in your favor.
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  • Yeah, I'm trying to keep it in perspective. I got my blood drawn today for the Informaseq (harmony) test. Should be about a week for those results.
  • Mine came out as 1 in 20 for Down Syndrome but the Maternit21 results came out good. Hang in there!


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  • This is the special burden that mom's over 35 have to bear. If it helps any, your odds were mostly determined by your statistics. ..your bio... not this specific pregnancy. Thinking of you for the actual diagnostic test...prayers.
  • My Informaseq (Harmony) test came back normal, thankfully! Thanks everyone. My doctor did not order the version that includes gender, which was a disappointment.
  • Congratulations!
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