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Diaper Rash

My 18 mo has the worst diaper rash she's ever had. I've been using Desitin (which usually clears up any beginnings of it before it gets started) but this time around it's come with a vengeance.

Another issue is that for the past three mornings she's woken up with a poopy diaper which is totally out of the ordinary. Last night we put her to bed and she was crying (which she normally goes right to sleep). I went to check on her and she had a dirty diaper so I changed her. She still woke up with a poopy diaper this morning.

When I changed her this morning, there was one tiny area that had a little drop of blood. I feel so incredibly bad each time I need to change her because she just cries!

Does anyone have any special remedies that you've used with success?

Re: Diaper Rash

  • I haven't really had any bad diaper rashes I think because of the cloth diapers, but when DS has been a little red, I use olive oil. It works great for us and is great on his skin. I've heard that coconut oil also works great. But I'm saying this without any experience with really bad rashes.

    Could she be allergic or intolerant to something that is causing her to go so often? I'm sorry you're dealing with this!
  • @ChipMonster I don't think so because I can't think of anything in her diet that we've changed! I was thinking maybe she has a little stomach bug or something but it's so hard to tell because she seems totally normal other than this. A friend of mine said that she used coconut oil as well, so I think I'm going to try that! Thanks so much.
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  • Hi. Major lurker here. I'm due with my third on January 16th. I have an 11 month old that just had the same problem. I've always been able to clear a rash rather quickly with balmex but not this time around. I picked up boudreaux's maximum strength butt paste. It's 40% zinc oxide. Did the trick in just 2 or 3 changes. Hope this helps!
  • If it's super bad it may have a yeast component to it as well- Google yeast diaper rashes and see if it looks like that. You'd need an anti fungal to help.

    Also, let her air out as much as possible during the day. The moisture on her skin is what makes it worse.

    At bed time load up her butt with the butt paste. Good luck!
  • @DaphneMoon1 I googled and that's exactly what it looks like. When you say if need anti-fungal help, does that mean a prescription from a doctor? Thanks for your help, ladies!
  • She could be teething.  My daughter always gets nasty diapers and bad diaper rash when she is teething.  Try Burt's Bee's  Baby Bee diaper ointment, seems to work best. Make sure you put some on before bed this will help protect her skin if she does happen to poop at night.  Also try a baking soda bath 2T baking soda in a few inches of water and leave the diaper off as much as possible.

    Good luck!!
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  • I swear by the classic A&D ointment. Desitin never did anything for our rashes.
  • If its possible, you might let her go diaper free during the day to keep it in the fresh air and stay dry.
    I hope she feels better soon, rashes are never pleasant for anyone involved :(
  • We had to go to the dr for a yeast rash. He gave us a prescription and told us to use A&D zinc (blue and white tube) on top. Cleared in 2 days. So the A&D is my go to now.

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  • I've had to use lotramin on my daughter before, anti fungal cream and you get it over the counter by the athletes foot cream. For normal diaper rash I cover her in extra aquaphor ointment. I hope it goes away quickly. Those are THE worst for babies.
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  • I called my doctor and they told me to use regular liquid Maalox, let it dry, then use Lotramin 4x a day and then Desitin with the other diaper changes. Hopefully this helps!

    Thanks so much for all of your advice, ladies!!
  • There is a rx medication called Vusion that is indicated for severe diaper rash, it is an anti fungal barrier ointment that you put on at each diaper change and it is not only guaranteed to work but it feel amazing and soft and soothing. Ask your doc, I know there are copay cards online for it too to bring down the cost.
  • Vasoline first, then desitin. Works when our son gets bleeding diaper rash, a nurse recommended it.
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  • robertin said:

    I called my doctor and they told me to use regular liquid Maalox, let it dry, then use Lotramin 4x a day and then Desitin with the other diaper changes. Hopefully this helps!

    Thanks so much for all of your advice, ladies!!

    I was going to suggest calling the doctor. Glad you got some help! Poor girl, hope she gets cleared up soon!
  • My son gets the worst diaper rash... Even in the NICU, the nurses didn't know what to do. They gave him some "super" cream, it had to be prescribed.... Nothing works better than A+D prevent. We still have two tubes of the prescription stuff... I don't even bother. Seriously.... Just put a ton of A+D on there and you will see improvement right away. Also let her butt dry (from the wipes) before you put her new diaper on.
    I've tried everything for his poor butt, nothing compares to A+D... The Prevent, not the treatment. I think someone else mentioned it's blue and white. Good luck!
  • Mix Malox and Aquafor in equal parts ! Works wonders did diaper rash. Also if it's yeast, my Doctor always prescribes nystatin for my little guy
  • Triple Paste!
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