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11w and symptoms changing??

10w6d today. Getting close to feeling confident in the pregnancy. Been nauseous every day since day 1 virtually. Today, though, woke up to constipation and throwing up. For the first time. I thought those symptoms would be heading out to make way for new (fun) ones in the second trimester. Is this odd timing or just chalk it up to "everyone is different?"

Re: 11w and symptoms changing??

  • Yup. Everyone is different. Symptoms will come and go and they'll change! Snack on some saltines and whatever else you can get down. Anything with fiber will help the constipation. Stay hydrated too. Feel better!
  • I know someone who threw up her entire pregnancy. Usually it subsides in the 2nd trimester but everyone is different.
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  • Mine got a lot worse in week 10 (last week) and they have stuck around in week 11.  Atleast it gives you more confidence that the bean is strong enough to fight back?! Haha, jk...that's not a proven fact at all, that's just how I like to think.  I didn't throw up once until week 10.  
  • I'm 10w6d too! I had really bad nausea weeks 6-8 then symptoms got better, but out of nowhere 2 days ago I threw up, been nauseous ever since. Headaches started too. We got some strong, growing babes! :)
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