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Daily Symptoms Check In June 30--all symptoms/questions/concerns post here!

Last day of June! What the heck?! It looks like summer (winter for you southern hemisphere-ers!) is going to fly by. How are you feeling today?

I'm ready for my house to be back to normal. Screamed at the DH this morning.... he forgot to feed the cats and they were being DEMONS. I had to limp my butt all around the non-carpeted house, find them, and feed them. I went to DH's bed (sometimes he sleeps in the guest bed if he went to bed too late) and turned on ALL the lights and yelled, "Thanks a lot for your help!" and stomped back upstairs. I'm not proud of myself, but being pregnant brings out the anger, wowza. He apologized when I kissed him goodbye, but I'm still kind of mad at him. Carpet comes in tomorrow, thank goodness. Hopefully some painting gets done today.

So besides seething anger and incredible back pain, I'm alright. Dr's apt today!! I have lots of questions this time :D

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Re: Daily Symptoms Check In June 30--all symptoms/questions/concerns post here!

  • @Heron422 They did a software update that seems to have cleared out some comments. Be nice to DH. I'm not picking sides but he's working hard on getting the house ready for you and didn't know the demon cats needed his attention. It's okay to be mad, but you should eventually apologize (don't hate me for saying that!) because no one likes to be woken up like that. It's a sad way to start the day. Plus, you love him....even though he does dumb man things sometimes. hahahaha
  • 13w 1d and woke up dry heaving this morning... NOT fun! Packed a lunch with chicken noodle soup, crackers and water. I'm so over this, I want a buffalo chicken sandwich! On the bright side... It's payday! Too bad I don't feel like shopping...
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  • adcc43adcc43 member
    12w 5d and I have been very tired. Waiting for the extreme fatigue to finally vacate! Other than wanting to sit on my butt all day doing nothing, I am feeling ok.



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  • 12 W 3 D today, having cramping but went and got check out everything is good with my little gummy bear. Still sick as a dog but hoping it will end soon. Suggestions on sleeping better? It's been a while since I've had a good night sleep and last night I didn't sleep at all, gonna be a long day
  • Feeling much better, although, every time I say that I get sick. 12.2 weeks today. Hopefully this is the end of the morning sickness. I thought that last week and it came back with a vengeance so we'll see. Hope everyone had a good rest of their day.
  • Bloated and tired. Nausea comes and goes and my breasts are not as sore. I know symptoms can come back with a vengeance so I am taking advantage of feeling a little better. The last few days after dinner I am developing a food baby. I feel like I am getting a sneak peak at a bump!! 

    Hope everyone is feeling good!
  • 11w 3d Feeling a lot better! Not too much bloat. Starting to get a little ravenous about some foods. All I want is sour fruits or sour fruit drinks. I have been drinking virgin Palomas like no bodies business. SO. GOOD.

    Im bumming a little because I was supposed to have an appointment this Thursday to check on our growing dinosaur but my husband can't make it so now my next appointment isn't until the 22nd. D: so. far. away. But I'll be 14 weeks by then so, that will be cool too. 

    My bump is starting to show in certain outfits. Mostly maxi dresses. It is small but mighty. :) 
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  • ndwyer9483ndwyer9483 member
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    10 WKS and 5 days pregnant. Symptom: tired all the time, Bloated, constipated and then sometime shave diarrhea, nausea all the time even with CitraNatal B calm, I'm still working so getting up to get to work to work a 9-5 desk job is the worst. I get home starving, nauseous and tired. I eat and fall asleep from like 6pm till the next day. Waking up at all hours of the night to pee and turn cause my back hurts. I kinda feel miserable but it's worth it. Been having trouble putting on weight. Hoping to pack on the pounds after 1st trimester. Feel like crying all the time cause I'm miserable. Bump is showing and no pants and office skirts fit me anymore. I'm always cold and I fee like I'm always complaining to my husband but he likes to know how I feel so he can help. What a God send he is. If he could only cook I think. But he's wonderful during this phase.
  • 9w4d My most noticeable symptom is fatigue...I've been sleeping until noon many days (today included) and wake up still tired and too sluggish to want to move, so I only have about 5-6 truly usable hours each day (between waking up and when DH comes home from work and we eat dinner together), and that number depletes along with my energy, so I have been extremely not productive...a lot of sleeping and a lot of television. I'm admittedly usually pretty good at doing nothing when I have time off anyway, but this is getting ridiculous. And our place is a STY, and I stare out at the floor thinking "I really should pick up all this crap so I can see our nice wood floors again"...and then proceed to do nothing, haha. Fingers crossed for that second trimester second wind in a few weeks...

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  • It's payday, DS's birthday is today (he is 4!), and DH comes home tomorrow!  I kept coffee down and enjoyed it...so far it's been a stellar day! 
  • 12w, 3d. After I said I was feeling so much better yesterday, I ended up puking. *sigh* Then today I was taking my Metformin, choked on a pill, and threw up Gatorade all over myself. Pregnancy is glamorous. :-P

  • 12w1d. Feeling worried because I read an article on fetal Dopplers after using mine last night that worried me that I might have been doing harm :-/. Then I finally got my appetite back but had bad diarrhea (TMI- sorry) this afternoon so I'm worried something I ate was bad (I cooked it all completely!!!) and am worried about baby. But diarrhea doesn't automatically mean something went wrong, right? Sorry. I know TMI but I just got so scared. Now I'm super hydrating and overly worried...
  • 12W1D - I'm bloated...and gaseous. That's really about it. I do finally have a sex drive again...it disappeared for a long time. I think that's about it. I am anxiously waiting to go to my next appointment on the 7th of July. :D
  • enkbenkb member
    Feeling better at 12w4d, hoping the first trimester blahs are behind me.  Haven't felt sick in a couple of days and have stayed up past 8 pm all week :)  Got a migraine last night and am having some pretty intense round ligament pains.  Looking really 'bumpy' in lots of my clothes, will be telling extended family on Friday then the world over the weekend, so excited to stop feeling like I need to hide it. 
  • @KaraEpp16 DH and I talked all about it, we are those over communication types haha. He didn't even know why I was mad this morning until he woke up around 11 haha. I had called to apologize when I knew he'd be awake. It's our deal that he feeds at 4am and I feed 4pm. He felt bad for forgetting, but I promised not to get mad again :) I could never ask for a better guy, let me tell you ♡
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  • So ice cream is something I haven't been wanting. I'm not normally a freak for ice cream but I do enjoy it. I heard the ice cream truck outside today so I said screw it I want some! An hour after eating it I had the most intense nausea I've had this entire pregnancy. I did not throw up but I felt like it was going to happen for several minutes. Not doing that again!
  • 9w5d. Fatigue is starting to ease up. Nausea is getting stronger. Spent most of the morning eating lemonheads since those seem to help. I've also started getting bad headaches. I've added some caffeine back in through sodas, but I hate to drink soda every day. I can't stomach coffee anymore, so I might try tea instead.

    Most food still sounds awful, yet I'm hungry all the time. Ready to start feeling better!!
  • It is so refreshing to hear all these symptoms being similar to mine. I am 10w 5d and tired is an understatement! I have no motivation to do anything and work has been rough too. In fact, I took a 15 minute nap in my car on my break today. Besides being tired and emotional, I don't have much to complain about. I have had no morning sickness. I am very sensitive to smells especially when my boyfriend makes eggs in the morning, I gag every time! I am really looking forward to getting some energy back!
  • 12w4d and I thought I was done with the nausea...I was wrong! Didn't sleep well and had a migraine...DH took me shopping and bought me a Snoogle, which I hope will help with the sleep! Ready to get I to the second trimester!
  • @Heron422 totally understand the over communication type. SO and I get a little loudish/dramatic/passionate even when neither of us is pregnant ;) It's a silly system sometimes but HEY if it works, then it works.
  • Exhausted. Sore boobs. This bloat has decided to stay and I look pregnant. I basically said fuck it and wore a tight shirt today (been living in flowy tops and dresses). Hello world, I'm pregnant.


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