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So begins a new chapter

Hello ladies, I thought I would introduce myself. I've been part of the bump since my first child and here I am pregnant again. I uproot and changed my life for a man that I guess never felt he could be honest with me. It seems like deja vu honestly. During my first pregnancy I found out my soon to be ex BF was cheating on me with not only a GF but his ex wife as well (and I'm sure many others as well). Now here I am 12 weeks and just tonight I find out he is cheating on me again. I guess its true, cheaters really just don't change. Baby #2 is obviously a surprise, a good one I thought at least. We live together, have talked of marriage, buying a house together, etc, but boy I am happy that didn't all happen with what I have found out. So anyway here I am starting a new chapter as a single mom, in an area with very little support of my family and friends since I moved away to be with him after the birth of our first. I like to think that I am a strong woman, but I am scared about the thought of doing this by myself. I don't even know where to start but just to find my own place to live ASAP. All I hope is that I can hold out all day and not say one thing to him about me knowing until we get to counseling tonight and bring it up then. 

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