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I am a size 10/12 more of a 12 from the bloat. I haven't gained any weight yet at 12 weeks but my stomach is poking out more the past couple of days. Anyways, my question is for anybody else in this situation, when did you start actually looking pregnant instead of just chubby? I have a small bump at this point but it still just looks like I'm gaining weight. I'd really love to start wearing clothes that show it off instead of trying to hide it.

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  • I'm a big plus size momma, I carry most of my weight on the bottom so I'm usually a 14/16 on top and 24 on the bottom. Considering my size me belly isn't terribly huge. With that said, even at 11 weeks my belly looks more rounded.
  • KaraEpp16KaraEpp16 member
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    I checked out other bump months and there was a plus size mom who asked everyone when the bump would actually start, considering her weight. A lot of support came in from other plus size women. They suggested dressing up the bump with maternity tops. They said there would probably be a bump pop around 24-26 weeks.

    I'm a size 10/12 and I've been bloated, especially near my ribs. Flowy tops and peasants have been a big help. I also got a belly band so I can wear my jeans a little longer unbuttoned. I got a cute maternity top that I wore for the first time on Sunday. Even though I have bigger boobs I didn't feel like I was swimming in it. I haven't gained too much weight but I'm definitely having trouble with SO putting my other tops in the DRYER. (he's stopped that, now....thank god.) I'm like dude, you're not helping me out here. The boobs need room. Ahhhh!

    Definitely get the belly band. I got mine at target for about 17 bucks and it will probably become even more handy in the months to come.
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  • I'm an 18 and 10W4D. I can tell when I'm wearing sweatpants at home that a little something is going on, but no one else seems to notice. All my clothes still fit. But I don't wear tight things in the first place. I guess we'll see in the next few weeks
  • I'm a 14/16, and my husband told me this week he can really tell my bump is bigger. I think it would look awesome if it weren't for this little pocket of fat above my belly button. Now I just look lumpy!!
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  • cawalpcawalp member
    I do realize that 10/12 isn't even technically in plus size clothing, but I wanted answers from people with more belly. If I had addressed this without considering my size, I would have gotten answers from some smaller ladies about how they already look round but they were tiny to begin with. I just wanted some honest answers from people that aren't model sizes.
  • @cawalp I just wanted to make sure I wasn't in denial...hahaha. Because I would take any reality check given out by these lovely ladies.
  • @cawalp I think I'm similar size to you. I feel very fat all over, even though my weight has barely changed (10w). My more snug clothes barely fit, and a lot of them just really make my belly look big, and not in the cute baby bump way! I'm sure it will get better than this before too long. 
  • I am a size 24 and at first it was a lot of bloat but now my lower tummy us hardening. I haven't been able to fit into my clothes for 2 wks. I'm only 10 wks and weighed myself this morning, I've only gained 1 lb.
  • babybluubabybluu member
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    I commented on here earlier and now it's gone?

    But I included a picture that I don't feel like uploading again right now lol. But basically I'm a size 12/14, and I feel soooo huge. I wear my pants high as well and I was able to suck in before. But now my pants are always unbuttoned and I can't suck in to save my life lol. Everyone keeps commenting on my bump but I'm pretty sure I'm backed up/ bloat. Maybe some of its baby since I'm 13+2 lol
  • Im a 18 I'm 12 +5 my husband and my mom have mentioned my belly has really rounded out. My mom also showed very early in all of her pregnancies. She told me at 16 weeks people told her she was huge
  • I am 33 and expecting my 3rd baby I am a size 16. This is my first plus size pregnancy with me being a 10/12 in my previous pregnancies can't see any hit of a baby as my tummy has lots of mummy chub x
  • @babybluu They did an update last night...I think it got rid of a lot of comments. I saw your picture. Your bumpie is cute :)

    @cawalp There is a small maternity section in the women's part of Target. I had to search for them. They were on a clothing rack with regular pants. Red packaging. They come in different sizes and have a handy sizing chart on the back. I saw black and white options. I commented last night but it doesn't seem to be here this morning. I hope you find some! I'm about your size and I was able to get the M/L - I didn't see the L/XL at my store but I might get one of those as the belly grows. They also have awesome maternity tanks that are longer than normal tanks and SUPER comfy. They work very well at disguising the belly band, too :)
  • msgoldie80msgoldie80 member
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    I'm a plus size momma on #3.. I was a 18/20 before pregnancy kicked in.. Currently 12w 2d. I feel really round, my thighs feel extra fluffy, and my hips just continue to expanding. When I wear more fitting clothes I feel like I look more pregnant than chubby. You can almost see the fear in ppls eyes bc they want to ask but don't want to offend you. Lol
  • I was thinking these same thoughts this morning. I keep seeing tiny ladies with nothing but belly... I'm a size 14 (12 if I'm lucky) and i haven't gained any weight but i am definitely gaining inches. I'm 10 weeks and i already invested in 2 pairs of maternity shorts from Target, one with the full belly coverage and one with the elastic comfy band. They are the most comfortable thing ever.

    I can tell the lower belly is slowly getting bigger, but i cant see it yet, only feel it. I have a pretty significant pooch, so that always feels bigger. I call that part my bloat. I'm finding more than anything else that maternity stuff is more comfortable. If I'm sitting a long time, regular waistbands get really uncomfortable. Along with regular bras. I live in padded sports bras (Old Navy has great ones). It feels like everything is growing except the number on the scale.... And I'm pretty grateful for that. :)

    I don't consider myself plus size either, but I totally inderstand your reasoning in asking. :)
  • enkbenkb member
    I'm similar sized, 10/12/14 depending on the clothes and I started 'showing' really early.  I was sending belly pictures to my mom at 9 weeks and I've been solidly in maternity pants since 11w.  I had abdominal surgery when I was 10 for a car crash and my midwife told me that scar tissue may be preventing my uterus from expanding up as much, making it go out instead, but she also said that I wasn't bigger faster than some other mommas without surgery.  She made me feel better that any size belly at any time was normal as long as baby is growing well!
  • I am a 24 and I am in maternity pants for work already.  I have so many meetings that I have to look nice for and I have so much bloat.  I feel like most of my belly is bloat, but now on the bottom, it is starting to get hard.  I am almost 12 weeks, and I am interested to see when I get a bigger bump, because most of my weight is in my belly and butt already, so I think I wont get a real bump for awhile!
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  • cawalpcawalp member
    Thanks everyone for the answers! I'm really excited for my belly to start getting hard.

    @KaraEpp16 I went to target today and finally found the bands. They didn't have a l/xl so I got a m/l and it's a bit tight but I guess that's how it's supposed to be. It's so comfortable!

    I'm going to try to stop hiding my belly like I normally do. I think it might be more obvious that I'm actually pregnant if it looks like I'm proud of my belly lol.
  • SummerOHSummerOH member
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    Um, I'm a size 10/12 and have a healthy BMI of 23%.  Never knew I was considered plus size!

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  • @summerOH a lot depends on height as I'm sure you know, either way, by fashion standards anyone larger than an 8 is no matter what the height. I personally don't really consider plus size until 14 and up since that's how the clothing is usually sold.
  • @KaraEpp16 I just noticed that post at the top of the board lol. Glad to know I'm not the only one! I thought I did something wrong lol
  • me328me328 member
    I am a size 12/14 and I am 14 weeks on Thursday. I feel my stomach getting hard buti am mostly very bloated. I feel the least bloated in the morning when I first wake up but as soon as I start to eat or drink anything I feel so bloated and full. And my belly sticks out horrible. I can't suck it in either!
  • I'm an 18. With my first pregnancy I didn't start showing until well into my 2nd tri, though I think this has more to do with my height (5'9") than weight.

    This pregnancy though. I already have a blump, and brought out my maternity jeans at 7 weeks.
  • l4rkl4rk member
    I've always carried a lot of my weight in the front of my stomach and I fall in the "overweight" category, and am just a few pounds shy of being "obese" according to BMI--I'm also a size 12/14, but I'm on the shorter side. So, I feel you 100%, and I've been wondering the same thing--when my baby will be what's sticking my tummy out, and not my extra pounds.

    If I dressed up my tummy, people would probably think I was 7 months along, so I actually DON'T want to do anything of that sort. I'm still just trying to hide hide hide using flowy dresses, loose fitting shirts, etc.  

    My biggest fear is people looking at my regular fat and thinking they can see a bump (or trying to touch my stomach, holy shit), when I know I'm too early to actually show. It hasn't happened, but every time someone new finds out I'm pregnant, I'm dreading them commenting on it.
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