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slow heart rate at 6 weeks

the heart beat at my first ultrasound this week was what they called "on the low end of normal". 80-90 hbpm. I'm scheduled for a second ultrasound next week. I'll be 7 weeks, 3 days. I'm just hoping for the best next week and want to know if anyone has had a similar situation?

Re: slow heart rate at 6 weeks

  • I'm in the same boat right now, waiting for my follow-up on Thursday. I didn't get many responses on here, but reached out to my previous BMB and a number of women had low initial FHR early on. Fx for good news for you!

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    I don't have any experience on this subject but fx for both of you!
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  • My first pregnancy had a low HR and ended in MC, but I've heard a lot of women go through the same thing and they came out with healthy babies. FX for both of you. 
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  • Hi, I'm in the same boat. I go next Thursday for my follow up ultrasound. My midwife said its normal this early on but wants to make sure it has sped up. I'm wishing you the very best!!
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  • I had a low heart beat at 8 weeks with DS but all turned out ok. Hoping the best for you!



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    Our FHR at 6 w 6 d was 105 & dr said it was normal. I have a follow up on Thurs at 8 w so we'll see if it sped up. I'm hoping it's in the 120-150 range.

    Update: at 8w 1d we saw a FHR of 166! All is good.
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