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September 2015 Moms vs. BabyList- Have you used either?

Hello everyone, 

I'm interested in the idea of a Universal registry but am not sure which one to use. Would love to hear from any of you that have used one of these services! Thanks! 

Re: vs. BabyList- Have you used either?

  • I did not enjoy It took away the mystery of who got me what and I was not surprised at my wedding shower. I have no personal experience with babylist. 
  • I used babylist. It was easy to use. I liked it when someone reserved something off the list I would get an email to tell me but it didn't say who so it was kind fun trying to guess who got me what before the shower!
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  • I'm using and think it's really convenient. PP is right, the online items sometimes show who the purchaser is but you need to click on "purchaser info" to see it. Idk about the emails, since I used my "junk" email address, I only saw that option when I was logged in and adding an item.
    My favorite part is being able to easily add an item from any website to your registry without having an additional store registry. I was able to shop online for the best price and/or for items that weren't available in the stores I registered at. They also have several stores set up that you can sync into your account :)
    Most places have so much more available online than in store, so we did do some registering in store, but I found most of what I registered for I did online (since I was able to read reviews or I didn't see the items while registering in store).
    Good luck and Happy registering!!
  • I used baby list and u should definitely order their free instructions inserts on how to access ur registry. I included them with my invitations. Other than that, my guests loved the website especially because it cross checks prices at multiple places (Amazon,, BRU, buy buy baby). Easy to populate if you started registries at multiple places. Also, it was nice and easy to organize all the stuff I registered for.
  • I have, I use . Pros and cons:
    Pro: I love having it lumped together, it's easy. I like that you can add items not from a registry/big store.
    Con: it does not sync with other registries. So once you import from Target or where ever, they say to delete that registry. My issue is- you can "reserve" and item with out buying it. So it may or may not be purchased. If you delete your original registry, you lose your completion coupon at the end.

    Happy medium : it sends an email when someone is buying you something. So I have been updating from my registries as it happens. I don't want to miss out on my completion coupons.
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  • I'm using Babylist. I have most of what I need, and the few things I want aren't available from the same store, so I've got it linked to things from little baby shops and Amazon. It's handy :)
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  • I used baby list and babys r us and I've already had both of my showers and not a single person bought a thing off of my baby list registry. Idk if ppl were just not familiar with it or what but I put a lot of our high priority/need items on that registry bc the items were cheaper at other places than babies r us so I'll have to exchange some of our gifts to get stuff we really need. Just something to think about, might want to do one with a real store!
  • I had this same question too but ultimately decided to go with because I like the idea of being able to sync my other store registries too. I specifically registered at certain stores because of their completion discounts so I wouldn't want to miss out on that if I decided to go with Baby List.
  • I would not recommend using I recently used it for my baby registry as it is convenient to have items from several different retailers. However everything that was bought off the registry had all kinds of issues with orders being duplicated to never showing up to sending the wrong item. I emailed them to share my feedback and they offered to help. That was a week ago and there was no follow up since. I will never use their site again or would recommend it to others. 
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