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hands numb and dizziness

Recently both of my hands go numb and tingle on a daily/nightly basis. I sleep in braces,and the doctor says its normal. Any suggestions on heloing ease the pain? Also this week I've noticed myself feeling really dizzy when I walk alot..

Re: hands numb and dizziness

  • The numbness and hand pain is likely pregnancy carpal tunnel. It's normal and will go away wirh delivery.

    The dizziness is a typical second tri symptom but I would still mention it to your doctor.
  • Make sure your getting enough water.. And I have noticed when I keep my hands moving and not in the same spot for to long during the day they don't get so numb.. Which is hard driving but when I stop at a light or a sign I just rotate my wrist for a few seconds and it seems to help a little bit
  • I would mention the dizziness to your OB. I've been struggling with fainting spells if I'm walking for a long time, in the heat, in crowded areas, etc. For me, it's a combination of low blood pressure & low blood sugar, so I've been drinking a ton of water, and packing snacks with me wherever I go. 
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  • Pregnancy carpal tunnel! Ugh, I get that too....I wake up with no sensation in my fingers and hands. All these fun pregnancy things Bleh!
  • its funny, i was just googling this, i have had a lot of tingling in my hands.. thanks for the post!

  • I've noticed my hands and feet fall asleep more easily these days. I sleep on my arms and usually wake up to that dead arm feeling now. And crossing my legs makes my feet fall asleep. Just keep moving and keep that blood flowing.
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    I get dizzy frequently. I had naturally low blood pressure before getting pregnant so now it's even worse. I notice protein-rich snacks like nuts and cheese help a lot.

  • I just started experiencing tingling/numbness in my hands and feet the past couple days, and it sucks. It started with my left foot, and now it's all my extremities. I never heard of pregnancy carpal tunnel before, though, so thanks @Pontot31 for mentioning it.
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  • Hi,

    I have been sleeping with a brace on my left hand for a month now because my wrist hurts so bad. My doctor also told me it's a common symptom of pregnancy. My good friend is a surgical tech and deals with broken body parts all the time at work says that even if I go in there is not much a doctor can do for me since it is not broken. They will probably just tell you to take some Tylenol for the pain. Icing it helps a lot though. I had a few dizzy spells in the heat. Like previous posters mentioned, stay hydrated and have snacks. Good luck! 

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  • I've definitely noticed my hands starting to go numb during the night about 3 weeks ago. Very sensitive to positioning, the slightest inclined upwards seems to do it. I'm exactly dizzy but I have found myself seeking walls or doorways because somehow I feel a bit like I'm tilting sometimes. I hadn't noticed the hydration thing but maybe I'll try it
  • Look like I'm joining the club! Been waking up 3-4 times a night with numb fingers and wrists on both sides. What a miserable symptom of pregnancy!! Looks like I'll be investing in some wrist guards :(
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