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Cold Weather Co-sleeping

I did search, but was not very successful in finding what I wanted.

I do know 'no pillows, no blankets' so they don't smother, no swaddling, etc.  Right now she's just dressed in a nightgown if it's a cool evening, and then is under a sheet with me, and stuck to me like a barnacle, so she's plenty warm.  I'm going shirtless for breastfeeding.  

Basically, does everyone just crank up the heat in the winter time?  Is it safe to put lo in something like a sleep sack as well as a sleeper or nightgown?  What has worked for people?

Re: Cold Weather Co-sleeping

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    I follow the guidelines from the book 'Sweet Sleep', which doesn't completely prohibit blankets and pillows. We put away our comforter and use a sheet plus lightweight wool blanket up to waist level, keeping LO's arms free. DS sleeps in a onesie typically or he gets hot. He inevitably kicks off the blanket too. (It's warm where we live.)

    I sleep in a t-shirt that I pull up. My shoulders stay warm that way. You could also use a button-up pajama top that you leave open partly.

    Since swaddling is a no-no, I would be wary of sleep sacks and the like. But that's just my opinion.

    DS moved on from the 'stuck like a barnacle' stage after the first couple of months.

    ETA: a fleece sleeper might be a good alternative?
  • I have not had trouble with a sleep sack, since his arms stay free.

    I pretty much wear what he wears. I'd he wears long sleeves, so do I. We II use a sheet and a thin blanket, as a pp said, pulled up to my waist but not really on ds at all. Our ac is pretty cool since dh can't sleep unless he is cool.
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  • Ok, thanks.  I'll have to go back to a pj shirt then, and just fiddle with it when she needs feeding.  She's pretty mobile already in terms of rolling, pushing back off of me, etc., so I don't worry too much about that part, as long as there's no heavy blankets around.  Fleece sleepers will be fine for her, I have a few sets if she stops snuggling so close.  Right now she wakes up pretty toasty as we're both furnaces and I have tended to leave the windows in my room closed since the breeze is pretty cool at night, and the door open for fresh air from the rest of the house.  No AC, but a ceiling fan if we get any hot nights.
  • Good question. I freeze easily and in the past super bundled up at night with clothing and blankets so I am super nervous about co sleeping once the digits drop. I'm thinking thick button cardigans maybe??
  • We have one pillow for me and a sheet and light blanket and I turn up the heat if needed
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