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Relocated time for change

We have bed shared for over 2 1/2 years with lo. We have sinced moved back to our home country, I started working part time I know it's time to get lo out of our bed, cause frankly it's getting too crowded. Lo has a new room and bed and takes her afternoon nap in her room and plays durning the day. But I can't get her to sleep the night in her own bed. Does anyone have suggestions to make this process a bit easier but not to stressful for any of us. We have also tried having her bed next to us and such but it didn't last too long at all.
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Re: Relocated time for change

  • Does she start off the night in her own bed or yours?

    With both of mine I started by starting them off in their bed, and just accepting they would come and get in my bed at some point. Then when I/we were ready for them to sleep through in their own bed, I would just walk them back to their own bed when they came and got into mine.

    It's a slower process then other options like CIO or similar, but it's what works for us.
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  • I lay with my son to sleep at night in his bed (he has a queen) and sometimes he wakes and comes and gets me and I lay with him again. Hopefully that will end when he night weans, which I am hoping to do soon (he's 2.5 too)
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