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how long do yall plan on breastfeeding yall little ones? I'm on 6months with no end in sight...people keep telling me a year is enough!

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  • I intend to go as long as my baby wants to go. As of right now he's 5 months and as you said, no end in sight. There is no set age... It's whenever you and your baby feel the time is right to stop.
  • A study done in Brazil suggest that two years is ideal. I plan to do it as long as I can, and having breast milk handy is a good thing, it works for a lot of things like ear infections and stuff.
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    AAP suggests 1 year, WHO suggests at least 2 years. I'm planning on 2 years but we'll see if we make it there or beyond.
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  • I was thinking one year, at one year my firstborn who was ff started real milk so I will probably slow down and stop around then.
  • I'm glad to see other mamas who go longer. I nursed my first till she was almost 3. This time I was thinking of going a bit less, but he's my last and I imagine I will miss it.  Most of the women I know in my area that have babies right now nurse 6-9 months not really any longer. I got into an argument last weekend from a friend (who switched to formula after 2 months because she told me nursing was a waste of her time) Told me she doesn't see why I don't give him formula so I can go out drinking


  • My son is ten months and still going strong I plan to nurse for as long as he wishes the benefits are just to vast to cut him off
  • I'm thinking one year... but I'm not sure how to stop. He's not going to be happy so it might go longer...
  • Yeah I am torn about this too. My baby boy is 11mths & we are going strong...dont even know how to transition him into no bf...he likes it too much & he has bemefited so much from it.
  • Little S is turning 1 in less than two weeks. She still bfs 5/6 times in 24 hours. As long as she is still eating solid meals three times a day and continues to show an interest in trying new foods, I just plan to keep going until she feels ready to stop. I think that at least one of those feeds is for comfort but continuing to bf has gotten us through some pretty tough times recently.
    As with every other 'recommendation', at the end of the day, I wouldn't worry too much about when baby's weaning and just enjoy it whilst you can. Your baby will tell you when he/she is ready to give up the boob.
  • I posted this almost 6 months ago with a goal of breastfeeding for a year ...her first birthday came and went and we're still going strong lol my new goal is 2 years
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